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What is a Bid to Win Framework?

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Winning a bid is the result of the combined efforts of a number of teams that work together to achieve a certain goal. Different teams are required to execute the strategies from different levels. A Bid to Win framework depicts the key roles and responsibilities of each team.

Bid to Win Framework

  1. Business Development Marketing – Positioning, market research, inside sales, digital marketing
  2. Sales – Negotiations, communications, pre-RFX requirements
  3. Bid Proposals – Document ownership, risk identification, pre-RFX support
  4. Presales Solutions – SLAs, project planning, methodology, technical solution
  5. Pricing – Price bids, taxation risks, payment risks, rate card

Attracting customers or converting the visitors to customers is the first step towards a winning bid. The practices that enable this conversion are;

  • Build a website
  • Be active on all physical and social media platforms
  • Post necessary contents regularly
  • Increase the traffic organically on all platforms
  • Generate, qualify and nourish leads
  • Identify the desires of the customers
  • Prepare Proposals
  • Submit offers
  • Negotiate
  • Close the sale

The first phase of attracting customers is handled by the Marketing team with the help of the Business Development teams.

Once the leads are generated, the Sales team takes the charge from there. The presales, solutions architects, bid managers, proposal writers and pricing teams get involved in the process while preparing the proposal. The sales team reappears during the offer submission and negotiation stage.

The journey from Pain to Gain

The buyer goes through a journey from pain to gain. They start to feel a pain due to a problem. First, they identify the problem and then reach out for solutions. They are offered multiple solutions which they evaluate thoroughly and choose one among them. After this, the buyers go to negotiation and finally decide to buy. This is the buyer’s journey from Pain to Gain. This journey consists of;

  • Feel the Pain (or identify the need, or problem, or pain points)
  • Research (to identify the reason for pain)
  • Find a suitable solution
  • Compare and negotiate
  • Buying decision

The bidders need to tap the customers at the very beginning itself. The earlier you tap, the stronger you can position yourself. During the initial phases, Sales, BD, Marketing teams have more chances of interacting with the customers. The customer’s journey should be well monitored. Winning a bid is all about planning and sticking to a strategy.

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