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What are the Steps Involved in the Bid Writing Process?

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Experienced bid writers have a great knowledge of the language and usually come from a strong academic background. It is impossible to be a bid writer without have exceptional writing and reading skills. It is essential to understand complex bids and technical terms.

To be able to effectively bid write, you have to comprehend the clarity of the language, know research terms that you did not know beforehand, and provide compelling information. The ability to take critical components of a bid question and correctly answer it for a compliant outcome is way harder than what most people would think it would be when they are writing their first bid.

These are a list of guidelines to help flourish your bid writing talents.

Know Your Audience

Understanding who your reader is will make it so much simpler to write the best content for your bid proposal. Being able to have your client relate to the information given to them is a fantastic way for you to get on their good side. Your writing style has to be personalized for them and make them feel that they are able to connect with your writing.

Keep it Clear

Never ever use flowery language when writing bid proposals. You have to make it easy for the reader to read and understand the proposal. Use clear headings, have short sentences, and use clear and informative language. Provide clear information through pictures and statistical data in order to get your point across straight and thorough.

Keep it Concise

Not one person has read a bid proposal and thought, “Wow that was such a great read”. Reading bid proposals is not for pleasure, but it is to ensure that you are complying with the client’s terms. Being concise is a gift to your client because you are allowing them to read through the proposal with the shortest amount of time possible instead of wasting their time with unnecessary information that does not need to be in the proposal.

Keep it Engaging

Bids that take the question and reword it is exactly what you should NOT be doing. Your bid writing language should bring in the elements of optimism and creativity in order to catch the attention of the reader. Even though humour is not used in the bid vocabulary, providing information that is convincing and engaging is a spectacular way to secure the reader’s interest to the document.

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