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What is the Qualification Required to become a Bid Writer?

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Bid writers have the duty to prepare proposals in order to win contracts and provide their services. The best proposal is chosen depending on the cost, quality, and expertise.

In order to write a winning bid proposal, you are required to:

  • Research business opportunities.
  • Research the service you will be writing the bid for.
  • Know the needs and values of the client.
  • Collect answers to pre-qualification questionnaires.
  • Research financial records and building inspection reports.
  • Know the required rules of the bid.
  • Understand technical terms.
  • Write, edit, and proofread bid documents.
  • Keep records of all documentations.
  • Submit and perfect bids before the strict deadlines.

You can write winning proposals by educating yourself through certification programs. There are two ways to get certified to write bid proposals: Baachu’s Proposal Specialist Certification Program and APMP Certification Program.

Baachu Scribble provides a certification program through online courses that have been compiled by bidding professionals with many years of bidding and proposal management experience. This program will provide you with all the information that will allow you to become a bidding proposal genius. The course educates you about the business development lifecycle, customer analysis, customer centric/proposal organization techniques, process management, and plans.

Throughout the proposal specialist certification course, you will be provided with six modules, twenty online video lessons, three mock quizzes, and one certification exam. When you successfully complete the course, you will be rewarded with a Certified Proposal Specialist badge, a digital certificate, and you can officially identify yourself as a Certified Proposal Specialist.

The Association for Proposal Management Professional also has a certification program that helps you develop knowledge about the skills and scenarios that you may encounter by bid and proposal professionals. The information that you will learn will enhance your ability to use the best methods for proposal and bid management, increase your skills on client management and negotiation planning, pinpoint necessary suppliers and partners that are needed for the proposal, and win your company with research, management, planning, development, and sales tools.

There are three levels to the program: Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional. Once you complete all three levels to the program, you will become an expert in writing bid proposals.

These two certification programs will allow you to develop skills on communication, precision, interpersonal, teamwork, organization, time management, business management, and information technology.

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