Bidding Services

400+ Global Projects in Central, Local & Commercial Sectors

We have seen it all, and we understand that no two tenders are the same. We offer flexible capture, proposal development, and commercial pricing services to support your business endeavours, whatever they may be. 


Business Development and capture is defined differently to many companies. To us, it is an opportunity for discovery and influence. We take the time to research and gather intelligence on every facet of each opportunity to determine the customer mission, requirements, and pain points, and to identify who else has eyes on this. But we do not stop there. We work with your team to develop strategies to influence the government, strengthen your capture plan, establish a qualified team, and ensure a solid proposal response.

How Can We Help?

  • Strategic Growth Planning
  • Win Strategy and Win Theming
  • Teaming Strategy
    Bid/No-bid Decisions
  • Capture Strategy and Capture Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Account Planning
  • Pipeline Development
  • Competitive Analysis and Black Hat
  • Marketing and Call Planning


When it comes to proposal development, we do it all. We are not just capable, we are flexible. We understand that no two bids are the same. We have seen it all and we are able to adjust our support to give you exactly what you need. What you can always expect is excellence in our support. And we make sure to leave you with the tools needed to be successful on your next bid.

How Can We Help?

  • Proposal Management
  • Volume Leadership
  • Writing & Editing
  • Technical Solutioning
  • Proposal and Bid Strategy
  • Proposal Coordination
  • Proposal Production
  • Graphics and DTP
  • Color Reviews
  • Orals Coaching


We offer price support informed by price modeling techniques and competitive intelligence. The result is a price strategy that is competitive at submission and sustainable post award. We consider the type of contract and apply strategies and analyses that allow effective pricing across IDIQs (CPFF, FFP, T&M) and single-awards. We tailor all of our pricing services to help you sustain long term profitability

How Can We Help?

  • Price to Win
  • Price and Reality Modeling
  • Price Strategy and Game Theory
  • Cost/Price Volume Development
  • Cost/Price Realism and Reasonableness Analysis
  • Wrap Rate Analysis
  • Probable Cost Analysis
  • Indirect Rate Review
  • Price to Perform


Yes, we train across each of our service areas. We work with you to develop a training module specific to your team. We can even develop training that is specific to a procurement. Collectively, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in federal contracting and we are ready to share what we have learned with you.

  • Growth Strategy & Market Assessment
  • Business Development & Capture Strategy
  • Capture Management Best Practices
  • APMP Certifications
  • Price to Perform, Price to Win, and Pricing Strategy
  • Proposal Development 101 + 201
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