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How to Navigate Your Career in the Modern World

New job titles and opportunities are being generated daily. Even looking for a job is different in the modern world. There are options and choices available in apps, websites and social media. It becomes difficult to find your niche in a world filled with limitless options. Given below are some guidelines to help you navigate your career and making decisions.

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Adapting During Uncertainty

Everything around us is constantly changing and the people who anticipate and keep up with the changes are the ones who are successful in life. Famous and successful companies around the world have found ways to keep up with the ever-changing technological world.  Given below are some tips on how you can adapt during the period of uncertainty and constant change.

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Secrets of Negotiation

Negotiation is a skill much needed in any workspace. Much like strategic moves made by chess players, power negotiators have their game plan and strategies. Given below are some key ideas behind successful negotiation.

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Ways to Develop Your Work Relationships

We all have our favourite people and our not-so-favourite people in our lives. Some people you enjoy spending time with while certain others seem to drain your time and energy and leave you exhausted. So how can you get along and build chemistry and rapport with everyone you see, especially at work? You can start by identifying each person’s personality and characteristics and work your way with that. Four personality types found in the workplace. These types are identified and explained by Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg in their book Business Chemistry. They are: Pioneers, Guardians, Drivers and Integrators

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Creating the Perfect Work-Life Balance

We often less than enthused about our jobs because we see our work as a way to earn money and live in society. A day at work is merely ticking off a list of items to do and tasks to complete. So how can you feel happy about your work? Remember three simple things.

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Basic Rules to Creating the Best First Impression

There are some of the basic rules to be kept in mind when dealing with people. Even when pointing out mistakes, do it in a positive and hopeful manner. Praise people on their merits and pay attention to them. Just placing yourself in others’ shoes is a great way to identify what to say. Only say the things that you would want to hear from someone.

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The Useful Art of Procrastination

Waiting patiently and procrastinating can be good in the long run. Procrastination does not in fact mean inactivity. You must continue working but wait to gather enough information before making major decisions.

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