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What are the Ways to Boost Your Results in Less Time?

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Baskar Sundaram

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Productivity is efficiency. Most think that being productive will lead to exhaustion but in reality, being productive will give you more time to relax since you finish your work faster. Given below are some ways by which you can boost productivity by being efficient:

Planning Ahead

Planning is a great way to have a better idea of the tasks you need to be focusing on. Start by writing down your aims, objectives and targets. Base these tasks on the time involved. Achieving an aim can take up to five years. Objectives can take 3 months to 24 months while targes take less than 3 months. 

After you have organised the tasks you need to prioritise them. Set a time frame for completing each task and align your goals with your company goals. 

Smaller Tasks

Most of us feel lost or confused when we have a lot of deadlines to meet. We often feel like working only when the deadlines are nearing and the pressure starts to mount. One way to stay motivated and less lost is by breaking down the huge tasks into small mini tasks. These small tasks should take you closer towards completion. You can even hold yourself accountable by telling your boss or colleagues that you will be completing this mini task.

Low Priority Tasks

Run through the low priority tasks quickly. Answering emails or meaningless everyday tasks do not require so much time and effort. Stop trying to be perfect when doing simple tasks. Another aspect that we often forget is simple and quick decision making. When you see an email that has a simple yes or no option, do not put it aside for later. Ask yourself if you are free on that date, you are interested or you want to do that task and reply immediately. Do not set aside simple tasks for later.

Final Product

Remember that it is the final product that matters not the number of hours you put into it. We live in an era where time spend equals productivity, where over time is praised and applauded. Never give rude or snide comments to colleagues who leave early or take a day off. If you are a manager look at the final outcome instead of the hours put in. Efficiently finishing work within a shorter period of time should be appreciated. 

Private life

Your personal life is just as important as your work life. You should be dedicated to your family life and social life with friends and loved ones. Make it a point to be home at the right time. You should show your boss that you are reliable and trustworthy. Flexible working hours are the main attraction for employees these days.

Keep all these points in mind when you want to increase productivity. Boosting productivity is more about being efficient than putting in more time. Plan your day, prioritise your tasks and break down your big projects and you are already half-way there to working smarter.

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