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Learn the Secret Weapon that Turns Customers into Advocates

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Learn the Secret Weapon that Turns Customers into Advocates

A good customer loyalty program can produce significant profits in recurring revenue for your business by enhancing the return on your marketing and sales budget.

Here are five ways to improve your customer loyalty program:

Making customer service a priority

Efficient customer relationship management means organizing your business to focus on the needs of customers.

Make sure customer-facing representatives have all the data they require to efficiently serve your customers. Empower them to act individually, wherever possible.

Draw up plans for managing customer contact. Have standards for speed and courtesy when answering phone calls.

Reply to customer contact quickly and efficiently. This will prove that their feedback is appreciated and acted upon.

Encouraging customer feedback

Ask new clients why they chose you over the competition, and ask existing clients what you could do better.

Set up a customer hotline, and make sure the number is visible on every piece of information you send out.

Get feedback online by promoting clients to engage in social media. Include a contact form on your website. Encourage customers with a concern to contact you. You may then have an opportunity to correct an issue before it has escalated to a complaint.

Thank customers for their feedback, and let them know if you make changes as a result. Keep a record of customer feedback to help you identify common problem areas.

Customer communications

Regular communication with your customers keeps you fresh in their minds and lets you pass along important information.

Take the time to set up a database with customer information such as email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers. Then you can send friendly reminders, birthday greetings, or a monthly newsletter.

Social media is another great way to communicate with your customers on an almost daily basis. Keep in mind that this works better if you limit how many of your communications are actually advertisements.

Customer loyalty schemes

Before starting a loyalty scheme, you need to assess your customers’ current level of satisfaction through techniques such as surveys, interviews, and monitoring customer comments.

Provide extra perks to your most trustworthy customers. By setting up a reward system for the most loyal, you not only promote them to stick around, but you also give encouragement for other customers to attempt to reach that status.

Customer relationship management

Plan your communications to keep customers informed. Make it easy for them to contact you. Encourage customer feedback.

Keep your agreements and exceed expectations. For example, promising delivery in 8 days, but delivering in 5.

Personalize all communications and the email addresses of customer-facing employees. If you use computerized telephone systems, give customers the option of speaking to an operator at any time.

It is important to remember that customer retention should be the main priority of the company. 

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