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Business Winning C​onsulting

With an extensive background and knowledge across several sectors including facilities management, Baachu Talent can provide you with experienced short- and long-term cost-effective solutions for a variety of projects.

Baachu Talent have a pool of over three hundred experienced bid consultancy resources. These individuals have supported companies within the service provider market both short and long term to win bids. We are proud to say we have a bid/win rate of over 80%.

Our community consists of referenced individuals who work as integral members of teams to provide end to end bid solutions. Through from the initial tendering stage to the costing and presenting of award-winning total facilities management bids our people will deliver for you.

Unique to Baachu Talent is the ability to provide an independent source to review the bid, as well as being an accredited APMP trainer.

Why would you have a need for additional support?

Your existing team doesn’t have the knowledge and expertise needed for a specific bid. As our people have wide industry knowledge, they will have expertise tailored to each specific bid.

Your business has a small inhouse bids team and needs extra support in times of holidays and staff absences.

You are looking for an outsider to give you an independent viewpoint on strategies and processes.

You need some extra training for your existing staff.

You want a cost-effective solution which you are in control of, giving you the ability to ramp up or down. With the ability to turn on and off your resources at short notice, you will save money.

Why Baachu Talent

We use APMP trained staff which understand business development, focus on the customer, create deliverables, manage processes and are trained in the use of tools and systems.

The talent we identify are given personality assessments, and sample testing before they join our Baachu community. We care about the wellbeing of our people and offer a supportive background in which to operate and thrive.

The level of support we provide include;

Basic where we simply supply tested and referenced APMP people to you.

Premium where we offer APMP certified training and evaluation and review of your bids.

Business Winning C​onsulting

Our profiles consist of

  • Estimators/Cost Analysts
  • Mobilisation Managers
  • Sales Collaterial Library Specialists
  • Proposal Managers
  • Programme/Transformation Managers
  • Commercial Managers to assist with scheduling and costing of bids.
  • Technical and Non-Technical Bid Writers
  • Let Baachu Talent help you increase your bid win rate ratio.

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