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Win more bids with our award-winning recruitment, consulting and training services.

Since January 2020 the world has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works, and the Black Lives Matter protests have changed the way the world thinks. Fortunately, at Baachu, change is what we do.

Championing diversity and inclusion since our inception, Baachu is changing the face of leadership by helping organisations think differently about talent in the UK’s top boardrooms.

A  multi award-winning consultancy, Baachu offers Executive Search, Interim Management, Board Advisory, Diversity & Inclusion and Managed Service People Solutions across the private, public and third sectors.

Baachu’s vision is to place a new diverse leader and manager on a board every month Our goal is to make that a daily occurrence by 2025!


Baachu is a passionate advocate of the power of diversity as a source of competitive advantage. With anti-racism a part of our routes, the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion has been at the heart of Baachu since we were founded in 2014.

Our dedicated Diversity, Inclusion, Well being, Culture & Ethics consultancy helps organisations to build knowledge, strengthen internal capabilities and lend support to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

When organisations talk about unconscious bias we have already moved on to Cultural Intelligence. We provide training, audits, partnerships and help organisations find solutions for their business.


Forward-thinking, modern organisations require a wider, more considered choice – a diverse group of thinkers with a greater breadth of perspectives to drive ideas and spur innovation. At Baachu, this is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

Operating in the unique intersection of recruitment, diversity and brand, we not only deliver diversity, but transform cultures, values and teams to make our clients relevant to wider customer groups and increase their overall global competitiveness.

Our aim is to help organisations to attract, identify, develop and retain trusted, inclusive, authentic and, most of all, highly effective leaders from different backgrounds to leverage the power of collective difference.

Why would you have a need for additional support?

  • Your existing team doesn’t have the knowledge and expertise needed for a specific bid
  • Your business has a small inhouse bids team and needs extra support in times of holidays and staff absences
  • You are looking for an outsider to give you an independent viewpoint on strategies and processes
  • You need some extra training for your existing team
  • You want a cost-effective solution which you are in control of, giving you the ability to ramp up or down at short notice, you will save money
  • You want to tap into  strategic business winning ecosystem to have access to strategy, sales pipeline, pre-sales, capture, proposal development, customer experience, account management and retention services. 

We transform undervalued overworking professionls to happy fulfilling professionals

$200 billion wins

70% Win Rate

85% Capture Rate

300 associates

23 countries

400 Global Proposals

Federal, Central, Local Government & Commercial

10+ sectors

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