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Business Writing Tips

Baskar Sundaram

Writing is an important skill. It can drastically improve your method of communication. From professionals to entrepreneurs, everyone wants to improve their writing skills. Writing emails, contracts or proposals are a significant part of the daily business. Poor writing can have negative effects. It can ruin relationships and increase the chance of rejection or losing contracts.

Improving your writing skills can vastly improve your business. It can save time, build trust and even help you communicate your message with greater impact.

Given below are some tips on how you can improve your business writing skills:

Set An Objective

All writing is based on an objective. Identifying your objective is similar to finding the purpose of your writing. Getting a proper and clear understanding of your objective is the first step towards proper business writing. Once the objective is established, you can then work on being persuasive.

You can ask your reader directly what they are looking for or even clarify further with your managers. Writing with a clear objective makes the entire process easier.

Understand The Readers

Understanding your readers motives and interests is the next step to improving your business writing skills. Think whether the reader will be interested in the subject you are writing about. If they are not interested, you must work extra hard to make the final outcome look interesting.

Language is another important part of the process. Be careful when using certain terms or jargon. Your English should be relative to the audience’s knowledge. Understand your reader’s expectations and work accordingly.

Writing Process

Once you have understood the objectives and know what your readers’ expect, you can begin working on your document. Following a proper writing process will greatly benefit you. If you start without a proper writing procedure, then your document might not be well structured.

A typical process will include establishing the objective, doing research, planning the structure, drafting, editing and proofreading. Some people prefer spending more time in the editing step or the planning step. It all depends on how your style of writing works.

Common Mistakes

Be aware of common writing mistakes made during writing a document. These mistakes include grammar and punctuation errors, writing without a purpose, using long unnecessary sentences and poor structure. Always proofread your draft. Make your document appealing and interesting.

Feedback And Improvement

As writers, we were close to the words written by us. An external person provides a set of new eyes and can easily spot mistakes or errors with your writing. Asking for feedback from professional editors will also provide great insight into your writing abilities.

Developing a skill is a lifelong process. We cannot master anything overnight. Take all the feedback and ideas into consideration and work on yourself. Even professional writers have a team of editors who constantly monitor and proofread their work. It is always an ongoing process.

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