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Customer Service Strategy

To be successful, a customer service strategy demands to be performed in every area of the organization. It cannot only be a part of the customer-facing teams. Instead, customer service strategy needs to come from the top to bottom and align with the overall vision, and values of an organization. Here are some ways to improve your customer service strategy.

Creating The Perfect Sales Proposal

A business deal always requires a sales proposal. A perfect sales proposal can make the difference between winning or losing a deal, gaining a new client or establishing long term relationship with prospective client. A sales proposal is a way to pitch a new idea or product in order to land a new business. Given below are some tips on creating the perfect proposal.

Bid Decisions – The Right Questions to Ask

Bid Decisions – The Right Questions to Ask

Contrary to popular belief, the key to making good bid decisions is not picking the deals in your pipeline that you are going to win, but instead, it is discarding the deals that you are going to lose. It should be obvious that to raise your company win rate, you must stop bidding deals that you have little or no chance of winning. To make the bid/no-bid decision, there are several factors to consider.

Business Writing Faux Pas

Business Writing Faux Pas

Business writing has its obstacles because the goals are different. These projects may involve training new employees, interacting with shareholders, or building a brand and professional image. It is less about entertaining the reader and more about conveying information, persuading readers, or getting people to act. Here are six common mistakes in business writing.

Strategic Planning Using Financial Models

Strategic Planning Using Financial Models

Uncertainty is a part of making business plans. But this should not stop you from creating strategic plans. This is where financial modeling comes in. Financial models do not make the future more predictable but it does help you choose between various options and prepare your business to navigate twists and turns as you implement your strategic plan.

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