Business Winning


Price-to-Win is a process where you analyse and evaluate your company’s competitors and their data to predict how they will bid. You will use this predicted bid and information about the customer’s budget to make a bid of your own. Your bid is a dynamic trade-off which takes both the customer’s and competitors into consideration.

Opportunity Plans

Best practices you can follow in Opportunity Plan include gathering and analysing
intelligence about the customer and the competition where you must determine the
need for every customer requirement, gain insight into what they will offer, at what
price, and most importantly, what the customer thinks of them.
Work collaboratively with the customer to craft a solution addressing explicit
requirements and hot buttons, hence the process should be dynamic, flexible, current,
and collaborative. Develop program, opportunity, and proposal budgets and Initiate
teaming and make or buy decisions.

Cost And Pricing

Customers often choose solutions that offer the greatest added

value. Convey to the customer that without you as their choice, they might waste time, money, or their own implementation efforts. Present Cost and Pricing Data in a Summary Form Presenting a cost section executive summary is essential to gaining credibility and
making your value proposition a complete circle with the technical proposal. A summary version of cost detail makes the evaluator’s job easier.