APMP Capture Practitioner- How to Manage Questions to the Customer

After a solicitation is published, questions to the customer should focus primarily on ensuring your organization’s ability to submit a fully compliant proposal. Responses to your questions and other potential bidders’ questions can yield new insight on customer thinking, competitor strategy, and larger industry forces. Your organization must manage this process swiftly and strategically to ensure a compliant, customer-focused response.

APMP Capture Practitioner- How To Do An Oral Proposal

Oral proposals are like a job interview for your company. The written proposal qualifies the selling organization, but the oral proposal may determine the winner. Generally, teams asked to give oral proposals have made the short list and the customer wants a preview of what it will be like to work with them. The customer might want to see how the contractor solves problems, as written in the proposal.

APMP Capture Practitioner- Guide to Writing a Proposal Resume

Proposal resumes show that you have staff with relevant experience available to meet a customer’s needs. To win, you must provide resumes of actual personnel who have demonstrated experience in the work described in the procurement. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when writing a proposal resume:

APMP Capture Practitioner- Best Ways to Apply Project Management Principles to Proposal Management

Proposal teams share many similarities with project teams, so it’s no surprise that project management principles can also benefit the business development process. Many principles of project management (PM), as defined by the Project Management Institute, can be applied to the business development (BD) process. Applying PM principles improves the selling quality of bid, creates smoother handovers, and reduces risk.

APMP Capture Practitioner- Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of managing all aspects of your relationship with your customers, so they will know, like, and trust you and eventually select you over your competitors. With today’s limited budgets and super-competitive marketplace, companies that do CRM well will prevail. Given below are some tips on getting started with Customer Relationship Management system: