Reasons Why Companies Lose Winnable Contracts

Companies losing proposals is a common phenomenon but the doom lies in placing the blame on traditional reasons without a proper analysis to understand where you got it wrong.  Unsustainable customer approach, flawed price structures, and incompetent personnel are the common cans to put your blames on.  

Value Proposition

Value Proposition is a statement that specifically addresses how aspects of an offer positively affect a customer’s business. It should provide customer-specific statements that are quantifiable and describe tangible and intangible value. It offers clients something they want and gives them a good reason to choose you over your competitors.

Mistakes To Avoid In The Proposal Development Process

Small businesses take additional efforts to increase their chances of bagging the bidding proposals for government contracts. But amongst the battle to align things perfectly,  minute details of prime importance often go unnoticed at the expense of losing the proposals. Here are some tips to revise before you start preparing for your bidding proposal.

The Decree Of Official Emails

Since it is really easy to type and send an email, it can be easily misused. Companies and businesses must place a strict set of rules regarding email usage. These rules must be followed by both employers and employees. Such rules are meant to safeguard the privacy of the person and company involved. Here are some guidelines on writing emails.

Recession Can Be A Boon

Entrepreneurs are mostly afraid to spend money or invest in their business during economic downtime or recession. It should be understood that even recession can be an ideal time to invest in your business and expand it. Such a time can offer ample opportunities for innovative and creative businessmen. Most people choose to be inactive in such …

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Do You Know When to Pull the Plug?

No matter what the causes behind project failure might be, one thing is for sure, it is never easy to stop a failed project. Here are some things that make it hard to kill the project. People will often continue projects based on incorrect assumptions, such as the belief that if you throw money at …

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