Sales and Business Development

Proposal theme statements

Proposal theme statements are section-, topic-, or paragraph-level elements that appear in a consistent place and style throughout your bid. The best theme statements tie benefits to features and address customer issues. The Proposal Themes are  Important because well-written themes provide clear and convincing reasons for capturing the attention of evaluators.

Marketing Your Innovation

Globalization and technological advancement have drastically affected the market. Most products have a short shelf life and consumers keep demanding more and more products. News products are constantly introduced into the market, but very few stick on for the long run. Therefore, innovation is key for the survival of any business.

Top Strategies To Boost Sales

Top Strategies To Boost Sales

It is important to think from the customers’ perspective. You can then identify what appeals to your clients and adapt your brand, products and services to suit their needs. Customer behaviour has been studied by men through the ages. Given below is a simplified process of understanding how customers make their decisions.

Recession Can Be A Boon

Entrepreneurs are mostly afraid to spend money or invest in their business during economic downtime or recession. It should be understood that even recession can be an ideal time to invest in your business and expand it. Such a time can offer ample opportunities for innovative and creative businessmen. Most people choose to be inactive in such …

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