Baachu Scribble Challenge Scholarship Mission

The mission of Baachu Scribble Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance, encouragement and greater opportunities for access to learning to Bid & Proposal professionals of all shapes and sizes.

Our goals and objectives are:

Goal #1:

To provide excellent customer service to our participating professionals, employers, APMP Chapters and ambassadors

Goal #2:

To encourage our ambassadors to place a priority on recommending participating professionals from all economies for Scribble scholarships

Goal #3:

To operate in a professional manner, adhering to high ethical standards and committed to be a positive force among participating professionals, APMP Chapters and employers

Goal #4:

To operate a competent and productive scholarship programme that respects our ambassadors, applicants and our veterans 

What We Do?

Successful candidates will get FREE or discounted access to Baachu Scribble APMP Certification Training Programme (Foundation or Practitioner)​

Disclaimer: Baachu Scribble scholarships are independent scholarships managed by Baachu, APMP Approved Training Provider in honour of
Tony Birch, Founder & Chairman, Shipley UK
Cathy Day, Chief Examiner, APMP
Late Howard Nutt, Exec Director, BD Institute and
Nic Adams, Strategic Projects Director, APMP UK.

APMP is not directly affiliated or have endorsed this scholarship nor does APMP guarantee or confirm the validity of these scholarships.