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What is a Compliance Matrix?

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A compliance matrix maps the requirements of the RFP down to the location in the response where the requirement is answered. It can also be used as a plan of action by the writers. It is basically a tool for managing response preparation and expressing compliance to the customer. If it is provided by the customer, it can be considered a must-have.

 A compliance matrix is both a guide to the evaluator and a checklist for the Proposal Manager to make sure every requirement is answered. It can also be used as a guide by the writers. It helps the customer understand the responses to their requirements.

The compliance matrix is a very important tool in the proposal process. A compliance matrix is used by the team members in different ways, such as;

  • To develop a compliance strategy
  • To understand what the customer is looking for
  • To create a guide for the proposal writers
  • To check if all the requirements are met
  • To track the progress of the proposal

 By following the tips given below, you can create an effective compliance matrix which will help you win the bid.

Follow the RFP:

The compliance matrix should be created early and updated from time to time. It is a testimony of your experience, professional attitude, and approachability. The three major components of compliance are:

  • Submittal instructions
  • Requirements
  • Internal compliance

Start Early and Update Often

This will ensure that your compliance matrix is always up-to-date and accurate.

Make it Customer-Focused

The compliance matrix should be designed with the customer in mind. It should be easy for them to understand and follow.

Use Easy-To-Understand Language

The compliance matrix should be written in clear and concise language. This will make it easier for the customer to follow and understand.

Include all the Necessary Information

All relevant information should be included in the compliance matrix. This will make it more complete and helpful.

Get Input from all Team Members

All team members should have a chance to contribute to the compliance matrix. This will ensure that all perspectives are considered.

Use it as a Guide throughout the Proposal Process

The compliance matrix should be used as a guide throughout the proposal process. It should be consulted often to ensure that all requirements are being met.

Track Progress

The compliance matrix should be used to track the progress of the proposal and compliance with the customer’s requirements. This will help to identify any areas that need improvement.

Compliance and Responsiveness

Submit a response matrix which helps you connect the proposal section with compliance items. A given requirement is answered by filling in one of two boxes – “partially comply” or “non-comply.” Responses should be updated so that they fully answer customers’ needs while staying compliant with all relevant regulations.

By following these best practices, you can create an effective compliance matrix that will help you win the bid.

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