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What are the Different Aspects of Content Marketing & Why is it Important?

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Content Marketing is all about trying new ideas and taking risks without being afraid of the results. The aim of content writing should be facilitating conversions and creating new leads. A successful content turns frozen prospects into active customers. Content Marketing is basically founded upon three pillars;

Awareness – Generate awareness and make your presence felt in the market

Evaluation – Comparison with other similar products and highlighting your products

Conversion – Conversion of prospects into customers

These are the three stages of creating a successful content. In the awareness stage, you make the prospects aware of your presence through different means. One effective way of doing this is using emails. Emails are the most efficient yet budget-friendly way of reaching your prospects. The awareness stage gains importance as the phase in which you can create an everlasting impression in the minds of the reader which, in turn, will lead the prospects to explore more about your product or company.

The second stage, evaluation, is where you track the customer’s path and put your product introduction at all possible sites. The customer first identifies the problem and then searches for the products that suit their needs. A plethora of options are set in front of them once they begin the search. In order to stand out from the crowd and make your customer’s focus entirely upon you, it’s necessary to trace their search. Comparison is the most effective way of finding out what suits you the most. Therefore, compare yourself with your competitors even before the customer does it and put the result out for them. This way, you can ensure that the customer gets to know about the benefits of your products. The comparison can include both qualities & pricing and the best way to do this is by creating a chart.

The final stage is conversion. This is the point of sale where actual purchase takes place. At this stage, the customer tosses the product into his/her cart. It is the culmination of all the efforts taken so far.

Do Creating Blogs Equal Content Marketing?

A common misconception about content marketing is that it is just creating blogs and presenting them to the prospects. But blogs are just a PART of content marketing. It is just one among the many content marketing strategies. Blogs serve as an agency which can be used to deliver the information regarding your products. They can help the customers in making a decision. But, if you keep on creating content only in the form of blogs, then people are missing the decision making content, the one that urges them to buy the product. A demo walks the prospects closer to buying.

High-Converting Contents

Set up a Demo – Showing how your product works will make the customers feel familiar with the product and this can lead to conversion. It is possible to demonstrate both physical products and software as well. Even information can be demonstrated. If you are selling a book or any other form of information, you can demonstrate it by showing off the inside of the course or the book. A prospect who is taking a demo is more valuable and likely to be a customer than someone who is reading a blog.

A Comparison ChartA chart that compares your products with that of your competitors convinces the prospects about the value of your products. The ultimate aim of creating such a chart should be highlighting your product without devaluing the competitor’s products. It is basically a document that talks about the ways in which you are better.

UGC – User Generated Content (UGC) includes testimonials and customer reviews. What your customer says about the product is much more powerful than what you say. Customer stories are designed to convert. The testimonials and reviews help the prospects understand how to use and take care of the product. When a customer shares his/her experience with the product, it feels more convincing than the company’s advertisements or any other forms of promotions.


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