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One of the essential components to winning federal contracts is the pricing strategy. We understand what it takes to stay competitive in this market and ultimately win more government contracts. We have supported cost and price engagements on large, multi-award IDIQs, small and large single award programs, and numerous task order awards. For the majority of our efforts, our pricing guidance has resulted in our clients being in the competitive price range or the lowest price in LPTA procurements.

What Type of Pricing Strategy Do You Need?

Costing and Price to Perform

Baachu Team utilizes “Price to Perform” concepts to strategize on indirect costs and initiate reality-modeling techniques. This ensures that our clients are able to not only win the contract, but also sustain it post award. We provide cost strategy and cost consulting to make sure that you have established the appropriate internal cost infrastructure, cost controls, and indirect rate structure to sustain long term profitability. We use our in-depth knowledge in cost accounting and project management (EVM) to provide a well-rounded, compliant, and highly successful solution to you.

Price Strategy

We bring extensive price strategy experience through techniques to lower your overall pricing. We incorporate several metrics into our pricing analysis including a client’s vulnerability and tolerance for risk, and price modeling techniques such as game theory, reality modeling, and rate averages. This allows our clients to price more effectively for both IDIQs (CPFF, FFP, T&M) and single-award FFP programs.

Price to Win

Baachu Team provides Price to Win (PTW) support to develop a detailed, results-based assessment of the price that your competitors are most likely to bid. Our support often reveals new opportunities on how our clients can provide a lower price, better value, or when there might be room to bid higher, thus not leaving “money on the table”. Baachu Team has the expertise to provide PTW in all of the commonly accepted approaches listed below:

  • Competitive Determination
  • Budget Analysis
  • Top-Down Analysis
  • Cost-Up Analysis
  • Historical Trend Analysis
  • Variable Baseline Manipulation
  • Risk Assessment Analysis
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