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What are the Features of a Perfect Sales Proposal?

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Baskar Sundaram

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A business deal always requires a sales proposal. A perfect sales proposal can make the difference between winning or losing a deal, gaining a new client or establishing long term relationship with prospective client. A sales proposal is a way to pitch a new idea or product in order to land a new business.

Given below are some tips on creating the perfect proposal:

Keep The Prospect In Mind

Do not get carried away while writing your sales proposal. Always keep the prospect in mind and think from their perspective. Start with their problems and establish what needs to be solved.

Remember The Other Readers

There will be other influencers and decision makers who are going to read your proposal as well. If you had not met these people previously, this proposal will be the first impression they have of your company and you. It is vital to address their needs as well.

Understand The Problem

The primary focus of the proposal should be the problem and the solution you are offering. Do not write pages about your company with the hope of impressing your clients. Your company testimonials and facts should be used to confirm your understanding of the matter.


Keep in mind that you are still selling a solution to your client. Remember to write persuasive sales argument. You need to convince the client to choose your offer from the rest.

Check Your Facts

Check and recheck the proposal for any mistakes. Even a simple or minor mistake can seriously undermine what you are offering. It will also form a poor impression of your company. Factual errors must be avoided at all costs.

Check Spelling And Grammar

Do not make any sort of spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes in the proposal. Check the proposal yourself and have somebody else read through it again. Basic errors will not impress anyone.

Write To Express

When you write your proposal keep in mind that your proposal will be read along with many other offers. Even if you are proud of your handiwork keep in mind that your aim is not impress the readers with bombastic language and splendid vocabulary but rather express your ideas and solution in a convincing manner.

Copy With Care

Be careful when you are copying materials from other proposals. It is easy work when many offers share the same content and material. Make sure you have someone proofread the final copy and find any mistakes which you might have missed.

Layout Is Important

Presentation is key when you are writing a proposal. Even if your arguments and solutions are persuasive, poor layout can still let you down. Keep your proposal simple, crisp and professional. Do not cram too many points into a single page. White space is good and remember that less is more.

Talk To The Client

Even if your proposal is killer, it is important to talk to your prospect. Make an appointment and discuss the proposal. You can clarify any doubts, handle any objections and ultimately maximise your win rate.

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