What is the Significance of a Win Strategy?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Does your company emphasize on developing a winning strategy with the help of win themes and discriminators? Are you updated with a thorough knowledge of the competitive landscape, where your company and its services fit in? This article is adequate for the captured company that wants to beat the competition and win the contract.

Win Themes And Discriminators

A winning strategy is an overall plan for winning the contract. It is something that should be declared as a part of the pursuit decision. Tactics like win themes are applied which resonate with the client. The win themes are written in the proposal and briefed to the customer. It is important that the win themes remain consistent with the winning strategy. They must be connected with the customer’s decision criteria and strengthened by the contents of the proposal.

Discriminators are those features, claims, and benefits that certifiably distinguish the company from its competitors. The win themes and discriminators are inserted at crucial points in the proposal. They constitute the company’s primary ‘sales’ message.

Major Concerns, Biases And Hot Buttons

The concerns, biases, hot buttons and the perspectives of the individual Source Selection Board members are documented through the insight provided by the company’s business development manager and the professional teaming partners. The strategy to mitigate them is also added to it. This information is inserted wherever necessary in the proposal.

Assessing Competition

There are multiple techniques to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses between your company and the competitors. Make sure your sole objective is winning the contract. Use SWOT analysis to identify the factors that are favorable as well as unfavorable to that objective. The company collectively reviews the competitive landscape. This information is further provided to the proposal team to use at relevant points in the proposal.

Hypothetical Winner Profile

The hypothetical winner profile becomes the point of reference against the bidding company’s perspectives on strategy, teaming, and competition is made. The coordinator and the team build a hypothetical winner profile, which is a unification of the most favorable credentials, attributes, capabilities, and experience of the likely winning company. This determines the characteristics of a hypothetical ‘ideal’ company or team of companies to perform the job. This will make the bidding company improve its probability of winning.


Offer Design

The key strategic element of your win strategy is the Offer Design to win. It projects the top elements or features of what the company is proposing and its direct benefit to the Government. Only if the theme or feature is perceived to be compelling or unique enough to establish a chance of winning the proposal, it is included in the Offer Design. The key features of the company’s proposal are supported by the briefing of concepts and ‘proof points’ in order to demonstrate their value to the customer.

The final developed win strategy documents are used to construct and modify proposal work packages. It becomes a guide for writers and review teams who can give your proposal the winning ‘streak’.

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