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Attention Founders and CEOs of Bid Consultancies: You are cordially invited to attend…


What Is It?

Baachu Digital Bid & Proposal Agency Summit is an invite-only bootcamp for freelance bid consultants. During this day, you’ll hear from Baskar Sundaram, founder of Baachu about what it takes to profitably build or scale your bid and proposal consultancy business. There is a threshold where “self employment” ends and a “business” takes its place. You are invited to accelerate through this threshold –  go from being self employed to being a business. The event is free, but you do have to be a business owner with minimum £50,000+ turnover. We will qualify your applications. (Sorry, no employees, please). 

Why Should I Attend?

             Starting a business is hard enough, but scaling it is even harder.  And while knowing the latest marketing tactics and strategies is essential it also is not enough. So, we decided to host a special boot camp that cover principles of digital marketing, email marketing, power of community and also addresses all the other critical aspects of scale, from people…to systems…to strategy…and even exits and acquisitions.   It’s all the “little things” you need to know, but that no one else is talking about.

When Is It?

       “Bid Agency Summit” is scheduled on May 1st and 8th 2021.    This event is completely virtual, so you do not have to leave your home or even put on pants to attend.  

How Much To Attend?

             Attending this bonus boot camp is by invitation only. For those who have been in invited, it’s totally free. (Woo-hoo!!)

 But you do need to let us know you’re coming, so click below to RSVP today!



9:00 – 9:15   

MINDSET -The power of perceived personalization and the power of focus

9:15 – 10:00

Navigating the Scalable Lifecycle 

10:00 – 10:30

Getting Scalable: Why Your Business Needs a New "Operating System" To Reach The Next Level 

10:45 – 11:30

BUSINESS -The Customer Value Journey, Engagement, Convert, Excite, Ascend, Promote, Optimizing your value journey

11:30  – 12:30

GROWTH -Architecting Your Ideal Sales Conversation, Brainstorming your Entry-Point Offers,  Constructing Your Predictable Selling System, Launching and Scaling Your Selling System

1:15 – 2:30

MARKETING Foundations -
Email Marketing, Campaign creation, Minimum Email Strategy, Metrics guide, Promo JumpStart pack, optimizing bulk marketing, templates to monetize your list, Auutomize business growth, Tracking and  Measuring results

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Success Cycle, Crafting Your Campaign Assets Identifying & Prioritizing Tests, Introduction To Optimization, Split Testing,

Influencer Marketing

2:45- 4:45

SUCCESS - How You Can Profit and add Value during and After Covid19 Environment

5:00- 5:30

How do you succeed personally and professionally when you are surrounded with chaos and uncertainty?

Most of them, have been experiencing a lot of problems during and post pandemic situation and have been struggling to get through it so hard, experimenting new ideas, fighting through failures, and struggling  to survive.

As everyone else, even we had a hard time in the beginning, but we were lucky enough to come up with the right growth leveraging strategies. By the end of the session, you will be walking away with not  just few ideas but with a lot of it that you can implement in your business, in your SALES, MARKETING, and in yourself, to have a successful future
During this live BOOTCAMP session, you will learn the strategies that will work in bid and proposal industry. These strategies are not only easy to understand but they are also quite easy to implement in your business to help you  get profited in multiples.

And all these you get it for FREE at one event, when it costs thousands of money to get to know all these ideas. 

Spare one day and we will bring you the best practices, models, and strategies to make you and your business to take a huge leap from where you are today!

Meet the Host of the Event

Digital Agency Summit

Baskar Sundaram is Award Winning Entrepreneur Chief Executive of 3 different fast growing companies – Baachu.com, BaachuRain.com, BaachuScribble.com and principal in Baachu.co and Baachu Tech. He is a trusted advisor to 19/35 UK Government Strategic Suppliers. Baskar is Host to Apple Top 10% rated Scribble Talk and Baachu Talk Podcasts. He ​is APMP 2017 40 under 40 award winner and approved APMP Trainer. 

Baskar is a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Manager and has degrees and professional qualifications in electrical engineering (Imperial College, London), accounting, coaching, finance, law, proposal and project management 

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