How to Make Bid Writing Effective?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Writing a bid proposal can be easy when you have the right skills and comprehension of the bid requirements. With this knowledge is can be easy to win, but sometimes you may lose as well. If it’s a loss, never give up and always try harder. You never know, maybe the next project might be yours. Not every person gets every project that they place a bid on. However, you have higher chances of winning if your bid proposal is effective enough.

Listed below are a few suggestions on how to write an effective bid proposal.

Read. Read. Read.

Read the project details carefully to thoroughly understand what the needs of the clients are. Carefully reading the information is important because people usually quickly skim through the project information and place bids without taking the client’s demands into consideration. Not knowing what the client wants only makes you look unprofessional. Read the bid more than once to closely pay attention to every single little detail.

Do Your Homework

Before you write your proposal, do your research. Search up the buyer’s history – know about their company, work reviews, previous employments, awards, and what they are known for. This information will help you know your client more and understand what type of effort you have to put into your work to instantly click with them.

Know Your Competitors

Find out who else is competing against you to win the same bid. Research on their other buyers, project earnings, their credentials, and what their previous projects have been. With this research you will be able to get a better understanding of your competitor and how you can outdo them.

Check and Re-check

Always make sure that you double, triple, or quadruple check the information written in the bid proposal. Proofreading is extremely vital when it comes to bid proposals. Examples of common errors are typos, providing wrong website links, and misspelling people’s names. Have other people read your work to point out any mistakes. Proofreading with a fresh set of eyes is always better.

Be Ahead of the Game

Make yourself stand apart from your competitors by going above and beyond. For example, you can offer them something useful such as additional services. This will make your client believe that you are an incomparable candidate and that the project should rightfully be given to you.

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