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Today's Guest Is Tom Sant

EPISODE 21 Tom Sant

A former college professor, stand-up comic, and founder of two successful firms, Dr. Tom Sant was named the world’s foremost authority on winning sales proposals by the American Management Association and one of the top ten sales trainers in the world by Selling Power Magazine.  He was named one of the first-ever Fellows of the APMP in recognition of his contributions to the profession. Tom is the author of the best-selling Persuasive Business Proposals, which was named one of the ten most important books in sales Inc. magazine. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed The Giants of Sales and The Language of Success.  

As a consultant, Tom has written over $30 billion in winning proposals for clients in every industry sector, including General Electric, Honeywell, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, VMware, Accenture, BAE Systems, and dozens more. 

In addition, he invented the world’s first proposal automation tools, ProposalMaster, RFPMaster and PresentationBuilder, used by 1000s of sales and proposal professionals worldwide as the Upland Qvidian system.  

In this very insightful yet humorous episode, we will discuss Dr Sant’s 

Early life and career 
Entry to the proposal world
Insights on the stories behind his 3 books 

  • Persuasive Business Proposals
  • The Giants of Sales
  • The Language of Success

Persuasion of David Winton led to first ever exhibitors at APMP Conference 

25 year association with APMP 
Experience of standup at Westminster Abbey 
Co presenting with his son Chris Sant at the APMP Conference 
Design of the worlds first proposal automation tool and how early stage automation tool worked 
Memory of receiving (missing the announcement) the APMP Fellow award 
Live 1 min standup comedy and many jokes 
NOSE framework for pitching 
Shares why its important to laugh everyday and why we should stay on the moment? 
Dad influence on his personality 
Key traits for entrepreneurs 
Experience of mindfulness 
School teacher and wife influence on him 
His major client support in kick starting his consulting career 
Biggest life lesson 
One advice – never take call or meeting without establishing clear outcome in mind 

and more….

In this episode we will discuss Tom’s

  • Life and Career
  • Entry into the world of Bid Management 
  • Experience as a founder of two successful business firms 
  • Active roles with APMP through the years
  • People influential in his life and career 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 
  • Next Steps and 

Few fun Qs…. 

Get to know the human side of your leader behind your APMP certifications, Tom Sant.

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EPISODE 21 Tom Sant
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