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Today's Guest Is Valerie Kessie

EPISODE 52 Valerie Kessie

As the only named Federal Proposal Manager at Michael Baker International, Valerie leads the proposal team through complex federal and state proposal pursuits as well as facilitating capture planning and strategy meetings on company must-win architecture / engineering / construction efforts worth millions of dollars. Valerie has diverse marketing and communications experience in developing, implementing, and managing large-scale, complex, and multi-million-dollar submittals for federal, state and local, education, aviation, commercial, and defense markets. 

 Valerie developed “Cover Letter/Executive Summary” manual within the Proposal Development (PD) group at Michael Baker. The manual is shared to new hires during their on-board training, as well as to current hires to be used as a refresher in developing strategic narrative content. Additionally, Valerie provides six to eight weeks mentoring and training to new hires, and refresher training to PD staff. Valerie is Winner of APMP® 40 Under 40 2020 Award and earned her CF APMP and CP APMP certification in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and the Shipley Business Development certification, which she received in 2018. Valerie also hopes to pursue her Professional Certification (CPP APMP) in 2021, and to also serve on the board of her local APMP chapter.

Valerie has Bachelor of Arts degree from Lawrence University and Executive MBA from Sullivan University. Starting in January 2020, Valerie began a Master of Science (MSc.) degree in Project Management to enhance her project management and leadership abilities on corporate/companywide must-win pursuits at Michael Baker.

In this episode we will discuss Valerie’s

  • Life and Career
  • Role as the Federal Proposal Manager at Michael Baker International
  • Experience in  managing complex and multi-million-dollar submittals for federal and defence markets
  • Active role with APMP including her latest honour of winning the 40 Under 40 2020 Award
  • People influential in her life and career 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 
  • Next Steps and 

Few fun Qs…. 

Get to know the human side of your leader behind your APMP certifications, Valerie Kessie.

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EPISODE 52 Valerie Kessie
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