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Today's Guest Is Sarah Hinchcliffe

EPISODE 75 Sarah Hinchliffe

Since 2012, Sarah Hinchliffe  has been helping clients win more business by improving the quality and professionalism of their sales and bidding skills. She works with large, medium and small businesses with a big focus on Public Sector tenders.

Sarah’s  work today is built on a successful thirty-year career selling in the technology industry where she worked her way up from a rookie to a director. During that time, she was formally trained in key sales methodologies, including SPIN, Miller Heiman, Strategic Selling and Solution Selling. She developed an affinity with bidding – it plays to her strengths as a storyteller, an organiser and a timekeeper. Attending the Shipley bid management course in 2009 ignited her determination to switch careers and she has been a certified Shipley trainer and consultant since 2012. 

Sarah regularly writes articles for professional sales and bid publications including APMP presentations.

In her spare time, she works hard on her home and garden – all forms of design being a big passion. She stays fit and enjoys own home-cooked food and good wine in the company of her super husband and her handsome lurcher.

In this episode we will discuss Sarah’s 

  • Life and Career
  • Entry to Proposal Industry 
  • Successful thirty-year career in the technological industry
  • Role in helping clients win more business by improving the quality and professionalism of their sales and bidding skills
  • People influential in her life and career 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 

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EPISODE 75 Sarah Hinchliffe
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