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Today's Guest Is Isabel Moritz

EPISODE 83 Isabel Moritz

In 2004 Isabel Moritz had one of those ‘Ahah’ moments, when she recognised that putting together responses to tenders was what she should have been doing, instead of her current job. She did, however, stayed there to practise her bid skills until three years later, when the company was sold.  Ever since then Isabel has been a freelance bid writer, mainly supporting technical and engineering bids. For this she has drawn on her family engineering background and her years of experience in technical sales. Isabel feels she is very at home with engineers and technicians, even if they are busy and overstretched, when she help them by doing as much as possible of the work before sending it to them for review.

Charitable funding bids are some of the types of pro bono work she get involved with, as well as other voluntary organisations.

APMP has figured enormously in her bid career and she spent from 2010 to 2016 organising and initiating training events around the country, helped by a small but able team. APMP still occupies some of her spare time, as for so many others. According to Isabel, it is the voluntary aspect of people’s contributions that is so inspiring.

 Over the past five years she has focussed on the inclusion of APMP modules and best practices into university business degrees. Isabel is also part of APMP Intentional Career Path committee and am serving on the APMP CIC committee.

In this episode we will discuss Isabel’s’s

  • Life and Career
  • Shipley Journey 
  • Role as a freelance bid writer
  • Experience in organising and initiating training events for APMP
  • People influential in his life and career 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 
  • Next Steps and 

Few fun Qs…. 

Get to know the human side of your leader behind your APMP certifications, Isabel Moritz.

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EPISODE 83 Isabel Moritz
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