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Exciting AI Updates, Trainings, and Your FREE Bid Buddy Editable PDF Copy!

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Exciting AI Updates, Trainings, and Your FREE Bid Buddy Editable PDF Copy!

AI-Powered Proposal Mastery Series

We are pleased to launch intensive 4- half day training program from May 19th, 22nd to 24th, with sessions running from 2 PM to 5 PM daily. Over these four half-day sessions, we will cover 10 essential topics to help you master the art of AI-driven proposals.  

  • 5 Game-Changing Techniques for RFP Shedding : Harness AI to Dissect RFPs like a Pro in Minutes
  • Unlock Winning Proposals with AI : Boost Your Success Rate through ChatGPT -Powered Storyboarding and Solution Development
  • Create Irresistible Proposals : Leverage AI to Craft Compelling Executive Summaries and Value Propositions with ChatGPT
  • AI-Powered Proposal Collaboration: Master Effective Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT in Proposal Development
  • Supercharge Your Proposals : Advanced AI Techniques for ChatGPT Prompt Engineering and Collaboration
  • Streamline Proposals with AI : Accelerate Baseline Response Generation using ChatGPT for Smarter Submissions
  • Maximise Proposal Impact: Optimize and Fine-tune Submissions with AI – driven Editing Techniques
  • Revolutionize Proposal Evaluations : Harness AI to Boost Win Rates and Secure Success
  • 15 ChatGPT Productivity Hacks : Save atleast 10 Hours a Week with AI – Enhanced Techniques
  • Mastering Mid-Journey : A Comprehensive Workshop for Creatives, Marketers and Bidders to Boost Proposal Success.                                   

    Here are some key features

  • 20+ hours of live AI training spread over 4 days
  • Course completion certificate to showcase your skills
  • Access to exclusive Circle community to connect with fellow learners
  • Recorded sessions available for review at your convenience        
As a special bonus, first 10 registrants will also receive access to our 20 AI Themed Bite Courses (valued at $500)  offering bite-sized lessons to further enhance your AI expertise.       Reduced Course Fee for Emerging Economies and Job Seekers Available!18 places remaining!

AI-Powered Bootcamp Cohort 2

Looking for a more gradual, in-depth exploration of AI Powered Bidding. Embark on a comprehensive 6-week journey from June 5th to July 13th, 2023. The bootcamp will cover 12 crucial topics spread over this period. Join us every Monday and Thursday from 3 PM to 4:30 PM for these engaging and interactive sessions.      Our program is designed to revolutionize your bidding and proposal work, making you 5 times faster than traditional bidders, saving you time and increasing productivity. Here are some key features:     
  • 30+ hours of live AI training spread over 8 weeks
  • Personalized feedback and guidance on your own bid
  • Comprehensive workbook and practical assignments
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Course completion certificate to showcase your skills
  • Access to exclusive Circle community to connect with fellow learners
  • Recorded sessions available for review at your convenience
Course Timeline  
Week 1: Pre-Proposal (Capture) Development    Week 2: Proposal Planning, Kick Off and RFP Shredding     Week 3: Creating Compelling Base Line Proposal Content, Story boarding and Solution Development   Week 4: Reusable Content Management, Editing, and Proposal Review Techniques    Week 5: Mock Presentations, and Oral Preparation Techniques    
Week 6: Celebration Week 🎉🎓
Bonus Session 1 : Proposal Graphics using Mid Journey AI
Bonus Session 2 : Mastering Time Management, Achieving Bid Management Excellence and High-Performance Team Management using Bid Buddy.
Reduced Course Fee for Emerging Economies and Job Seekers Available!   
05 June  – 13 July
Every Monday and Thursday
Time : 300 – 430pm UK
Use the discount code AIBB200OFF (for outside India & Emerging Economies) to get a $200 discount or AIBB100OFF (India & Emerging Economies) to get a $100 discount.    Pay one-off – $795 or choose installment options:     2 months – $497/month3 months – $337/month2 months (India & Emerging Economies) – $197/month3 months (India & Emerging Economies) – $137/month   
We really hope you decide to move forward. A group of like-minded people depend on it (even if they don’t know it yet).
16 Places Remaining (LIMITED TO 20)      
Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to become one of the world’s first AI-powered bidders and revolutionize your bidding and proposal work with cutting-edge AI tools and strategies. Act now to secure your spot in the AI-Powered Bidder Bootcamp!


This week in AI Powered Bidder Bootcamp, we discussed how to  achieve Bid Management Excellence, Mastering Time Management, and High-Performance Team Management.
Next week, we have the session on Evaluations, Mock Presentations, and Oral Preparation Techniques.

Webinar ALERT - AI Powered Bidder - AI Tools, Hacks & Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Monthly AMA Webinar – May 2023 Edition
Date: 11th May 2023
Time: 4pm UK
      Join us for an interactive session where you can ask anything and learn about the latest AI tools and hacks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay ahead. See you there! Register Here

Baachu Academy

Baachu Academy offers 300 hours of learning including 30 hours of AI courses for only $199/Year.Get access to a growing library of 50+ Templates, 10+ Workshops, 30+ Execution Plans, 40+ Bitesize Courses, 20+ Jump Start Workshops, 50+ Insider Trainings and more now. Know MoreSME and Enterprise membership available. Drop us a line – hello@ baachu.com.

Your Gift is Waiting! Join Baachu Connect and Get Bid Buddy (Ebook) for FREE!

Unlock the Power of Bid Buddy with Baachu Connect and transform your career to new heights. Bid Buddy is the ultimate companion for Bid, Business Development, Proposal, and Capture Professionals looking to excel in their field. It offers a practical and actionable framework to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re seeking to change roles, advance in your current position, or thrive as a freelancer.
As a special offer, we are providing you with a FREE PDF Editable version of the 150-page Bid Buddy book. Originally published in 2016 on Amazon, Bid Buddy has become a trusted resource for bid and proposal managers worldwide. With Bid Buddy, you can shift your perspective from “what you want to do” to “who you want to be” and make conscious decisions about your future.
Document your journey and track your progress with Bid Buddy. This investment in yourself will be worth it, whether you complete the process over days, weeks, or months. Bid Buddy empowers you to discover true freedom in your life and career, enabling you to choose what you love and unlock your full potential.
Join Baachu Connect today and claim your FREE copy of Bid Buddy. This incredible opportunity awaits you, and by sharing it with your colleagues, you can empower them to reach their full potential as well. Don’t wait any longer – take charge of your professional journey, unlock the potential of Bid Buddy, and embark on this extraordinary journey together.
Sign up for Baachu Connect Here
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for your continued support in our mission to shape the future of bidding with the power of AI. Let’s keep collaborating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sales and proposal development.
And don’t forget to follow Baachu Scribble on LinkedIn if you haven’t already to stay up-to-date on the latest industry insights and learning opportunities.

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