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AI Upskilling Fund

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How to apply

If you are a UK based SME working in the Professional and Business Service Sector, you may be eligible for up to £10k in grant funding to train your people in AI.


To apply for this funding:

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Identify AI training
  3. Complete Online Grant Application

We can help you every step of the way, with no commitment.

Check out or step-by-step guide to completing your application.

1. Check Eligibility

To qualify for this funding, applicants must:

  • Be registered and operate in the UK
  • Employ between 1-249 employees in the UK
  • Be defined as an SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise)
  • Have been operating for at least one year
  • Be able to match-fund 50% of the training cost
  • Operate in the Professional and Business Services sector, including:
    • Legal activities, accounting, bookkeeping, and audit
    • Activities of head offices, management consultancy
    • Architectural and engineering activities, technical testing, and analysis
    • Scientific research and development
    • Advertising and market research
    • Other professional, scientific, and technical activities
    • Administrative and support service activities
    • Rental and leasing activities
    • Employment activities
    • Office administration and other business support activities

 Note: Additional eligibility and full application criteria may be set out when the funding competition opens.

2. Identify AI Training

Eligible training must be provided by an organisation that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Registered on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP)
  • Accredited organisation

3. Complete Online Grant Application

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility and selected the appropriate AI training, you’re ready to complete the online application form. The application includes four sections:

  • Administrative details
  • Business eligibility
  • Training eligibility
  • How the funding will support AI adoption

1) Logging in and Starting the Application

Step 1: Create a GOV.UK One Login

  • If you don’t have an account, create a GOV.UK One Login: Create Account

Step 2: Apply for the Flexible AI Upskilling Fund Grant

2) Initial Details

Step 3: Select Organisation Type

Step 4: Enter Organisation Name

Step 5: Enter Organisation Address

Step 6: Enter Companies House Number

Step 7: Enter Charity Commission Number

Step 8: Enter Funding Amount Applied For

  • Specify the amount of grant funding you are requesting. The grant can cover up to 50% of the training cost (e.g., for a £5k training, enter £2.5k).

Step 9: Indicate Where Grant Will Be Spent.

Step 10: Confirm Organisation Details

3) Eligibility

Step 11: Confirm Eligibility Statement

Step 12: Complete Section Confirmation

4) Organisation Details

Step 13: Confirm Organisation Information

Step 14: Confirm Funding Information

5) General Details

Step 15: Enter Lead Contact Name

Step 16: Enter Lead Contact Role

Step 17: Enter Lead Contact Email

Step 18: Enter Lead Contact Phone Number

Step 19: Confirm Minimum Financial Assistance

  • Confirm that the business has not received more than £315k in government subsidies over the past 3 years.

Step 20: Provide Details on Financial Assistance

  • Detail any financial assistance received over the last 3 years; if none, enter N/A.

Step 21: Select Marketing Source

  • Indicate where you heard about the grant.

Step 22: Provide Marketing Source Details

  • If “Other” was selected, provide details. Otherwise, leave blank.

Step 23: Confirm General Details

6) Business Eligibility

Step 24: Confirm Number of Employees

Step 25: Confirm Last Financial Year’s Turnover

Step 26: Confirm Balance Sheet Total

Step 27: Confirm SIC Code

  • Enter the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code most relevant to your business. 

Step 28: Confirm Date of Incorporation

Step 29: Confirm Business Eligibility Details

7) Training Eligibility

Step 30: Enter Training Total Cost

Step 31: Confirm Training Meets Criteria

  • Confirm that the training meets the following criteria:
    1. Relates to core AI skill sets and supports AI adoption in the workplace.
    2. Starts no earlier than the Grant Funding Agreement signing (expected July 2024) and ends no later than March 31, 2025.
    3. Delivered by an eligible UK-based and registered or accredited training provider.
    4. Not already subsidised by the government.
    5. Not delivered by your own company to your own employees.

Step 32: Select Skill Sets Covered

  • Select at least one skill set from the list.

Step 33: Confirm Qualification Level

  • Confirm that the training covers at least ‘Entry Level’ training.

Step 34: Select Training Provider Eligibility Criteria

  • Choose the relevant option for the AI Accelerator (suggest selecting the first option for simplicity).

Step 35: Enter Training Provider Name – Baachu Works Limited, UKPRN: 10082516

Step 36: Provide Training Provider Link – https://www.baachuscribble.com/ai-upskilling-fund

Step 37: Enter Training Course Name – AI Powered Professional – Foundation, Advanced, Premium

Step 38: Provide Training Course Link – https://www.baachuscribble.com/ai-upskilling-fund

Step 39: Indicate Nature of Training

  • Specify the nature of the training
  • All Baachu AI Live Training packages include the AI Powered Professional Online Course which would count as an Off-the-shelf training courses

Step 40: Enter Training Length

  • Specify the length of the training (typically 1-7 days).

Step 41: Enter Training Purpose

Step 42: Select Skill Level of Employees

  • Select the skill level of the employees undertaking the training.

Step 43: Select Trainee Role Level

  • Choose the closest job role of the employees undertaking the training.

Step 44: Enter Number of Trainees.

8) Proposal Outline

Step 45: Provide Proposal Overview

  • Give an overview of your organisation’s current AI adoption and skill level, including:
    1. Description of your organisation.
    2. AI knowledge levels among employees.
    3. Current technology and AI adoption.
    4. Barriers to upskilling employees in AI.
    5. Previous AI or relevant training delivered to employees.

Step 46: Explain How Training Will Address Issues

  • Detail how the training will help your business overcome the identified challenges, including:
    1. AI skills employees will gain.
    2. How AI skills training will enable business AI adoption.
    3. Business areas/functions the AI training will support.
    4. Success indicators and measurement methods for training outcomes.

9) Review & Submit

  • Review all answers and submit your application.
  • For assistance with your application, reach out to us. Note that due to high demand, not all applications may be successful. If submissions exceed available funding, a lottery approach may be used. Baachu does not guarantee the success of any application but is available to help.
  • If you want support in FILLING THE form and generating your own proposal statement please reach out to hello@baachu.com

Course Structure

Foundation Series

Python for Beginners, Python for Data Science Business Analyst Fundamentals AI Driven Marketing

£ 2500 £5k before grant contribution
  • Data Engineering, Data Analysis.
  • Visualisation, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning.
  • Data- driven, personalised engagement, optimised campaigns.
  • How AI can transform business decision-making.

Advanced Series

AI & Machine Learning Business Analytics with Gen AI

£ 5000 £10k before grant contribution
  • Data Analysis, Decision-making, and strategic planning.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Premium & Professional Series

Leadership in Ethical & Responsible AI Precision Gen AI Analytics for Professional Services

£ 10000 £20k before grant contribution
  • AI & Machine Learning Business Analytics with Gen AI
  • Ethical AI, governance frameworks, stakeholder engagement.
  • In-depth exploration of Gen AI, ML and Deep Learning.
AI Upskilling Fund

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AI Upskilling Fund

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Applicants can apply for a maximum amount of funding depending on the size of their business, set out in the table below. The aim of the scheme is to subsidise the cost of AI skills training up to a ratio of 1:1. For example, a small-sized business can apply for up to £5,000 of grant funding to pay for 50% of AI skills training which costs £10,000. If the training cost £8,000, the applicant could only apply for £4,000 of grant funding.

An eligible business must meet all of the following criteria:
● Be registered and operate in the UK
● Be incorporated for at least one year
● Employ between 1-249 employees in the UK
● Be defined as an SME per the BEIS SME action plan: 2022 to 2025
● Have been operating for at least 1 year at the time of application
● Operate in the PBS sector as defined by the following SIC codes. Where a business has multiple SIC codes, they are eligible as long as at least one of the SIC codes is included in the table below. This list is exhaustive.

Yes – in your application you will have to specify the training you wish to procure, how much it costs, and who the training provider is. This is because there are restrictions on training provider eligibility, and we would need to be able to verify the training you wish to procure and the provider to be used are eligible. This means that before completing the application you must already have an understanding of the training you require and the cost this will incur.

The competition is open to all UK businesses that meet the eligibility criteria and demand is expected to be high.
If more applications are received than funding available it is expected that a random selection process will be implemented.
As a feasibility study you may still be invited to provide feedback on your organisations performance by the grant awarding authority.
We are still able to help you with AI training and are happy to discuss next steps.
No, you must use an external supplier who meets the training provider eligibility criteria.
Funding is for the procurement of AI skills training only, and not for the cost of:
Purchasing AI technologies
Business advice or consulting
Recruitment activity
Salaries, including work placement or internship salaries
Capital expenditure*
*Capital expenditure means money used to acquire, adapt or maintain fixed assets, such as land, buildings and equipment, which is normally capitalised in the provider’s audited annual accounts
Applications are expected to take no longer than 1 hour, although we expect to be able to reduce this through guidance and support.