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APMP Capture Practitioner Certification

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Extremely Important Chapters

Tips to Help you Pass APMP Capture Practitioner Exam

Writing an exam can always seem like a daunting and scary process. More and more people are interested in gaining a certification and many…

APMP Capture Practitioner- How to Prepare Proposal Management Plans

Proposal management plans, or bid plans, are used to allocate effort, structure work, and ensure adherence to time lines throughout…

APMP Capture Practitioner- What is an End-to-End Process

An end-to-end process is a systematic series of actions or steps directed toward a specific end. Organizations that consistently follow a defined business…

APMP Capture Practitioner- How to Manage Questions to the Customer

After a solicitation is published, questions to the customer should focus primarily on ensuring your organization’s ability to submit a fully compliant…

APMP Capture Practitioner- How To Do An Oral Proposal

Oral proposals are like a job interview for your company. The written proposal qualifies the selling organization, but the oral proposal may determine …

APMP Capture Practitioner- Guide to Writing a Proposal Resume

Proposal resumes show that you have staff with relevant experience available to meet a customer’s needs. To win, you must provide resumes…

APMP Capture Practitioner- Best Ways to Apply Project Management Principles to Proposal Management

Proposal teams share many similarities with project teams, so it’s no surprise that project management principles can also benefit the business…

APMP Capture Practitioner- Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of managing all aspects of your relationship with your customers, so they will know, like, and …

APMP Capture Practitioner- Communicating With Others

Communicating with others is an essential competence for Bid and Proposal Managers and all proposal team members. Understanding how to…

APMP Capture Practitioner-How to develop a Business Case?

The business case is first developed during an initial investigation. It should provide an outline and be reviewed by the key internal and external…

APMP Capture Practitioner-Importance of Customer and Competitor Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence involves objectively understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of companies competing against your company…

APMP Capture Practitioner-Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Effective communication between the proposal team and its stakeholders is needed for the proposal development process to succeed. The Bid or Proposal Manager must lead the…

APMP Capture Practitioner-How to Develop Opportunity/Capture Management Strategy

An opportunity/capture strategy is a plan for achieving a goal. The opportunity/capture strategy is your pre-engagement position. Organizations that are most effective…

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification Part 1

The APMP Capture Practitioner OTE assesses the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in proposal and bid management based…

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification Part 2

The Scenario part contains one scenario, providing a description of the customer and the business rationale for the opportunity…

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification - Videos

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification Course

This Course is very unique with details like 45 Video lessons with chapter guides detailing each of the key competency areas in the APMP Practitioner and Capture syllabus, overview of the exam process, format, and exam readiness plus LIVE webinar sessions over 4 weeks to review sample practitioner questions in small groups and more do check out the video here

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APMP Capture Practitioner

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APMP Capture Practitioner

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