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APMP Practitioner Certification

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The New APMP Practitioner Certification Exam PART 1

The APMP Practitioner Objective Test Exam assesses the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in proposal and bid management based on the APMP 

The New APMP Practitioner Certification Exam PART 2

The Scenario part contains one scenario, providing a description of the customer and the business rationale for the opportunity; the objectives of the opportunity; the bidding organizations and…

The NEW APMP Practitioner Certification Part 3

Refreshing The Key Competency Areas. Here are the main syllabus areas: 1. Opportunity Capture Planning and Scheduling 2. Opportunity capture team selection and management
3. Review Management…

Gate Decisions/Bid Decisions

Gate decision or Bid decision is an important component of a business developmental lifecycle. It is the key to a winning proposal that prevents business from investing on unnecessary projects. Decisions to continue pursuits or to abandon opportunities are made…

Compliance Matrix

A compliance matrix maps the requirements of the RFP down to the location in the response where the requirement is answered. It can also be used as a plan of action by the writers. It is basically a tool for managing response preparation and…

Executive Summaries

An executive summary is a concise, informational, persuasive piece to convince the customers that your offer is the superior one compared to your competitors. Here the entire solution that you are going to write for your customer is built inside one summary. An executive summary is the most critical document which…

Graphics and Action Captions

Graphics lead to a more profound and accurate understanding of presented material. They affect the emotions of the viewer and have the ability to grab attention. Effective use of a combination of…

End-To-End Process

An end-to-end process is a systematic series of actions or steps directed toward a specific end. It allows teams of business developers to know where they are, where they are going, and what path to follow to…

Kickoff Meeting Management

Kick off meeting is a key meeting in your proposal lifecycle that sets the tone of your proposal offer. A right kick off meeting inspires the team. It is the cornerstone of your proposal process where…

Page and Document Design

For communicating your information and to make  an impression on reviewers, the design and layout of the proposal is extremely important. The document design…

Features, Benefits and Discriminators

Sellers offer the customers with features and the customers buy benefits. Discriminators help the customers decide which seller’s benefits are most suitable for them. The three of them can be understood as…

Content Plans

Content plans are used to create consistent, compliant, well-organized proposals. Teams should not start writing a content plan until there is a clear and shared view of what the finished product…

Review Management

To effectively manage organizational cycles of reviews, teams must understand, regularly practice, and work to improve execution of reviews. Effective functional review management shows…


Headings play an important role in the reception of a proposal. Effective headings have the power to fetch you higher evaluation scores. Good headings should convey a clear message, capture the reader’s attention…


In any market, on-time proposal delivery is a key objective of the proposal management process. Effectively allocating time and resources across multiple tasks and communicating and enforcing milestones are essential…

Daily Team Management

All successful proposals result from the proper management of the proposal team. Assigning and following up on actions are extremely important for the smooth conducting of the processes of a proposal. Since the team members…

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is the tool used to write proposals that appeal to gain a reader’s agreement and call to partner with the author to solve that reader’s problem. The features of persuasive writing involve…

Writing Clearly

Clear writing makes its points simply, demonstrating a bidder’s competence and quality. Applying principles of clear writing will make the proposal easy to see, follow, and understand…

Value Proposition

A good value proposition helps clients grasp the value of what you are selling compared to other options. It should provide customer-specific statements that are quantifiable and describe tangible…


The larger and more complex a contract opportunity, the more likely it is that prime bidders (especially small businesses) will need to form teams of multiple companies to provide the resources and…

Strategy and Win Themes

Strategy and win themes play an evolutionary role in the development of an opportunity. As intelligence improves, strategy evolves and competitive focus matures, driving improved win themes. Proposal strategy statements are…

Proposal Theme Statements

Proposal theme statements are section-, topic-, or paragraph-level elements that appear in a consistent place and style throughout your bid. The best theme statements tie benefits to features…

Proposal Organization

A well-organized proposal is easy for readers to understand and evaluate, will give you higher evaluation scores, improve customer confidence in your ability to deliver and make proposals…


Price-to-win is a process for analyzing competitor and customer data to determine how other bidders are likely to position their solution and bid price with their understanding of the customer’s budget…

Opportunity Plans

Opportunity plans are documents containing the actions and capabilities needed to win a proposal. They are used by sellers to improve customer positioning. Customer positioning refers to an organization’s position…


The purpose of a proposal is to both inform and persuade. It is possible to persuade people to act in universal, predictable ways. Here, it should be noted that all persuasions should be ethical. Persuasion must be attempted…

Get APMP Practitioner Certified

APMP Practitioner Certification - Videos

What is the APMP Practitioner?

After Completion of APMP Foundation course you can take the APMP Practitioner course for this the
Candidates then sit the 2.5-hour scenario-based online version of the exam. Successful candidates are entitled to use the designation ‘CP APMP’, and will receive their certificates from the exam board around one month after the course. To know more watch this video.

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What is the APMP Practitioner certification qualification?

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This the level two of the APMP Certification of Bid and proposal certifications.  You need to clear the APMP Foundation level exam. But the APMP Practitoner level exam is very different from the foundation. To know more

What are the reference materials for practitioner?

Find out the three major references you can utilize for your APMP Practitioner Certification Exam. One can access the APMP Body of Knowledge applicable to other certifications as well, and also refer Practitioner Study Guide available in the APMP official website. One can also make use of the Industry Glossary to ace the exam. Learn more about the references and how you can squeeze the essence out of them by watching the video.

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What materials are allowed to take to Practitioner?

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Practitioner Study Guide is one of the text you are allowed to enter the exam hall with. The work will be your best friend once you are inside but you need to keep some points in mind before you open them text. Take the text inside only if you have read through the entire text at least a few times. Learn more about the perks and techniques you can use with your Practitioner Study Guide here.

What is the time duration for APMP Practitioner?

APMP Practitioner Exam has a time duration of two hours thirty minutes with allocated breaks. But there stands an exception for candidates whose first language is not English. For these candidates, there is an allocation of extra thirty minutes to complete the exam. Learn more about the exam duration and breaks allowed by watching the video.

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Can I Take Practitioner without Foundation?

So you must be thinking if it is possible to Appear for the APMP Practitoner without answering the foundation? Then the answer is no,  you need to Pass the APMP Foundation exam before you take the APMP Practitioner exams. The registration process requires you to put the foundation number. To know more watch this video

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What is the cost of taking APMP Practitioner Certification Exam ?

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The cost of APMP Practitioner Certification Exam is 650 USD (reduced to $325) , in addition to that if you are taking  orientation course with an Approved training organization like us then there is an ATO fees as well.

To know the details and the costs watch this video:

How Does The APMP CP Practitioner OTE Look Like ?

So in any scenario based competency exam, you have a scenario you have an question and you have an answer, exactly the same thing here   APMP CP Practitioner OTE like a company talking about the bid and proposal objective why they are procuring ,procure time scales mile stones, challenges and progress and how to evaluate the tender  and more.  Watch the video here

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How should I prepare for the APMP Practitioner OTE ?

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You need to remember that there are materials available like  APMP BOK, but the elements that are relevant for the practitioner OTE are lifted and dropped in the practitioner study guide, so your important reference material here is the Practitioner study guide. 

Our APMP Practitioner Training Programme provides holistic learn and 

What Is The Pass Mark for APMP Practitioner?

Did you know that you need to score an exact fifty percent or above to pass the APMP Practitioner Exam? A candidate requires a minimum of forty marks out of eighty to qualify the exam. This may appear more challenging than APMP Foundation Exam. Watch the video to learn more.

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How Soon Do I Get Result for the APMP Practitioner OTE?

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As this is an online exams your results will be given soon after you complete the exam, this will be in the form of email sent to you from the APMP Group which is the administrator for the Foundation and the practitioner exam. Know more 

Get APMP Practitioner Certified

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