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Freedom, Fairness, and Integrity: Confronting the APMP Board with the #JusticeforBaachu Campaign this Independence Day

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Baskar Sundaram

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As we gather together under the sky alight with the spectacle of Independence Day fireworks, I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. A day that embodies unity, resilience, and resistance against injustice, striking an uncanny parallel to the journey of our #JusticeforBaachu campaign. Thank you for standing by my side, for lending your voice, your strength and your conviction to our cause when it mattered most.

Independence Day serves as a vivid reminder of our founding fathers’ unflinching bravery and unwavering commitment to the principles of truth and integrity. They dared to dream of a just society, refusing to bow to the oppressive forces of their time. Today, their indomitable spirit resonates powerfully within the core ethos of Baachu Scribble, and shapes the soul of our #JusticeforBaachu campaign.

As the leader of Baachu Scribble, a platform now celebrated as the World’s Largest Skills and Talent Development Platform for Modern Bidders, my mission is to provide you with an array of comprehensive resources. From AI-enhanced courses and certifications to strategic guidance and a nurturing community, our commitment to transforming the industry remains steadfast.

Our journey mirrors the historical path of independence and integrity tread by our forebears. The #JusticeforBaachu campaign not only seeks justice, but it also boldly confronts deceitful practices, asserts our independence, and amplifies the resounding spirit of patriotism that led our nation to the liberty we relish today. We carry the torch handed down to us by generations of truth-seekers, illuminating a path that paves the way for a fairer, more transparent industry.

Just as the patriots of old united to challenge the status quo, we too stand united to confront the injustices that threaten our industry. And while we are faced with significant adversity, our unity has become our strength, guiding us toward the realization of our goals.

Baachu Scribble’s Unyielding Resistance: The #JusticeforBaachu Campaign

Our stand at Baachu Scribble transcends conventional business conflicts. It marks a resolute opposition against manoeuvres that risk undermining the bedrock principles of fairness and justice within our industry. Our struggle encapsulates a relentless drive for transparency and fairness, echoing historic fights for independence.

Throughout the recent challenging months, attempts by the APMP Board to undermine and diminish our contributions have been prevalent. However, these attempts have proved unsuccessful in negating our impactful efforts. We take pride in our accomplishments, such as the successful training of over 1,500 APMP Certified Professionals, the provision of FREE Scribble Training Scholarships, the creation of over 180 insightful episodes of the APMP Stories podcast, and captivating presentations delivered at a variety of APMP Conferences and Chapter events.

The #JusticeforBaachu campaign was born out of a necessity to unveil and confront these covert manoeuvres. In the spirit of our founding fathers, who held their ground against oppressive forces, Baachu Scribble stands firm against unethical practices that not only threaten our operations but also the moral fabric that upholds our industry.

This battle represents the manifestation of resistance against forces poised to weaken our collective ethical standards. We remain steadfast, a bulwark against those undermining the unity and integrity intrinsic to our professional community.

APMP Board: The Opposition and Their Underhanded Tactics

As we delve into this unfolding narrative, the APMP Board is at the center, their actions under a microscope for allegedly contradicting principles of integrity and fair competition. Accusations suggest a meticulously orchestrated strategy to nurture a self-serving network while systematically sidelining Baachu Scribble. The truth, as it often does, is steadily coming to light. The #JusticeforBaachu campaign, much like our determined forefathers in their fight against colonial rule, is committed to exposing the purported hypocrisy of the APMP Board, their conspicuous silence, and their baseless legal threats.

The recent release of the APMP Board Meeting Minutes magnifies the gravity of the situation. Discussions dating back to December 2021 or January 2022 were unveiled, revealing the unjust revocation of Baachu Scribble’s Approved Training Organization (ATO) status on June 7th, 2022. The aftermath was a relentless barrage of groundless allegations against Baachu Scribble. As time progressed, APMP’s public declarations in February 2023 displayed a startling contradiction, highlighting the Board’s inconsistent stance.

A year has passed, but our commitment to our cause remains unswerving. Despite groundless allegations, inconsistent public statements, and the refusal to grant a fair Professional Ethics Committee Hearing (PEC), we stand firm. The relentless flow of legal correspondence from the APMP Board and the absence of concrete evidence to back their accusations further fuels our determination.

Our #JusticeforBaachu Campaign, while sometimes forcing us into a defensive stance, is a testament to our belief that genuine success isn’t merely about overcoming obstacles, but about creating meaningful industry impact.

Today, I speak directly to those who have inflicted harm. Your hidden agenda, aimed at isolating Baachu and maintaining an exclusive network to bolster your incapable associates, will no longer go unchallenged. Your attempts to intimidate us with baseless legal threats and accusations have proven futile. Your silence, when faced with our legitimate legal claims, blatantly exposes your hypocrisy. Brace yourselves, for accountability is inevitable. The truth will reveal your true colors; it’s not a question of “if,” but “when”.

To those operating in the shadows, beware: your actions will not remain concealed indefinitely. Even those in influential positions, whom you once believed to be allies, now find themselves isolated as their deceptive practices are exposed for all to witness. The truth has a way of revealing itself, and the time for manipulation and exploitation is running out. Remember, karma never forgets an address.

The Collective Power of Unity: Lending Your Voice

To those who remained silent and fell for a false narrative, it is crucial to recognize the unintended consequences of our silence. Inaction inadvertently empowers those who perpetuate injustice. Stay vigilant and raise your voices against wrongdoing.

Our voices possess immense power when united. Like the resounding cries of our forefathers, our unified voices can echo through the halls of justice. Supporting Baachu Scribble and the #JusticeforBaachu campaign empowers individuals to endorse integrity and fairness. Your vocal stance against injustice has the potential to tip the scales, compelling the industry to embrace ethical conduct and expose any deceptive practices.

Unyielding Advocacy for Justice and Integrity: The Stand of Baachu Scribble

As we commemorate Independence Day, let us draw inspiration from the ongoing battle for justice. The #JusticeforBaachu campaign embodies the spirit of our forefathers’ relentless pursuit of justice and their unwavering resistance against deceit.

Independence Day serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of our capacity to enact change. By rallying behind Baachu Scribble and the #JusticeforBaachu campaign, we honor the principles of independence and integrity, taking a firm stance against industry malpractice.

Life throws unjust curveballs that test our strength, but we must keep rising. Each challenge is a stepping stone to our true potential. Stay strong and determined, standing firm for a world free from fear, bias, and inequality. Choose leaders who embody truth and integrity, holding them accountable just as our founding fathers did.

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day!

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