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Get to the Point

Baskar Sundaram

Proposals all depend on if the individual has the right amount of information to work with and if they can effectively convey the message through. When there is not enough information, the person usually does not get straight to the point and brings up information without any evidence. If this is the case, about 50-70% of the individual’s time is wasted with an unsuccessful proposal. Poor proposals can be dodged if the right key points are clearly planned out.

When the key points are not thought out before writing the proposal, it is likely that the draft will not deliver the winning proposal. In order to get the right key points, it is essential to realize the client’s likings and the criteria they expect, the opportunity and what the greatest way to solve the problem is, the competitiveness of other companies and what you can provide to be the client’s best choice, the problems that the client should expect and why your methodology to easing their problem is the greatest, and to propose the right price.

The combination of the tips creates the formula of, “What offering will be the customer’s best alternative and solution to potential problems, and how do you present it in a way that supports how they make decisions, including how they assess value?”. By knowing what key points will be discussed in the proposal beforehand, makes the proposal writing so much easier, meaningful, and increases the chances of winning. The rest of the proposal will depend on the way it is written, and the price offered.

Also, it is critical that your company agrees with the key points before the proposal is written, because if they decide to disagree with the points after it is written, then the proposal would be discarded. Simply thought processing the main points of the proposal before the writing the whole proposal can save a lot of time, prevent from writing rewrites, and the companies are most likely to accept the offer.

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