High Aspiration Programme

Students have great capabilities, and what they sometimes lack is the opportunity to test out their capabilities in a great number of experiences. The environment and the encouragement to develop their capabilities plays a vital part in determining a student’s growth.

Baachu’s High Aspiration Programme aims to build the profile of careers within the business environment and the opportunities we offer here at Baachu.

In partnership with Croydon College, students studying the Arts, Design and Business courses are invited to expand on their learning by working a flexible ’40 insight hours ’ at Baachu HQ in Croydon.

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This year around 20 students will take part in various activities. After the event, the college students will write a video letter to documenting their experience and why they would like to learn more about Baachu.

The best five students will be invited to complete a 45 day work experience placement with Baachu