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Homeworks & Drills for Bidding

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Preparation and Identification

Preparation is the key to success. Before jumping in to the world of proposals, it is extremely important to conduct a proper background study. If you are trying to sell a product, the first thing that you need is a market.  So, the first step is finding the right market segment, the one which is the best for selling your particular product or service. It is not possible to master the functioning of every market out there. You need to be specific and focus only on the market segment which you have selected to serve your purpose. The more specific you are, the more chances you have to win.

Once the identification of market segment is done, it is time to collect information. Study the market well and gather as much information as possible. Go deep into the nuances of the market and get an idea of the problems faced by the prospects. This understanding of the problems is the foundation upon the product needs to be built. The hot buttons or the customer’s problems should be kept in mind while designing the product and also the product must be tested before introducing it into the market.

Experience is the best teacher. Keep all documents of previous endeavours safe with you for future reference. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers because their positive remarks will do wonders when you start to bid by yourself. Given below are some of the important documents;

  • Purchase order copies, project implementation or acceptance reports duly signed by competent authorities with company seal.
  • Completion certificates signed and sealed by the
  • Testimonials from the customers while you worked for them.

                For  partnership works done with others, do collect and keep a separate copy of all project execution related documents, PO copies, completion letters, customer appreciation letters, etc. This will help you to continue bidding even after breaking the partnership. Identify the necessary accreditations, organization level certifications, compliance or statutory requirements, etc. required for bidding and complete these as soon as possible.    

Visibility and Social Media

In order to attract customers, you need to be visible in the market. Identify the zones with high possibility of finding customers and be present there. Social media is one of the best tools that enhance visibility. Through the various social media platforms, it is possible to stay up to date and informed about the trends in the market. Make a website and post content regularly. Avoid unnecessary posts and try to be as consistent as possible. These social media platforms can be used to maintain a personal relationship with the prospects as well as the competitors. Make everyone in the community aware of your existence and also attempt to capture their attention on every occasion possible.

                Social Media is the most powerful instrument that can be used to meet your needs. Conduct knowledge sessions and invite everybody to join you. Also give free content or documents to engage people. Register your organisation on all free tender portals, customer portals and a few paid portals which are worth the money. Keep all generic documentation, case studies and presentation decks updated and ready. Equip yourself with all the technical instruments available and make sure that there is enough staff to get things done.

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