How Strong is your Proposal Process?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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A robust process answers the most important questions in a proposal lifecycle, starting from the readiness to bid followed by the steps that need to follow. Of this, the readiness to bid ensures that you are well prepared and answers a specific set of questions.

Who should do what?

It is essential to frame responsibilities of each individual who is involved in these processes. Clarity will save us time and resources.

How will expectations be set?

It is important to clarify a set of expectations before planning these processes. An advantage of answering this question: unnecessary hindrance will be avoided.

What guidance should people get in performing tasks? 

We are aware that it is insufficient to just assign tasks. One must prove to be capable of fulfilling it. If guidance is provided when required and demanded, one improves and provides better results.

How do you measure and track progress?

This question is important as it reflects your position. Thus, implementing and maintaining tracking and feedback systems will keep you in line and aware of your deadlines.

How do you estimate and track resources?

It is essential to build a tracking system for resources and an approach to estimate their need in the process. Wrong estimations leading to insufficient resources will result in proposal failure.

What are the deliverables and how should they be prepared?

A proposal process requires deliverables like planning documents, review comments, forms, templates, and checklists. One must have a predefined set of deliverables.

Are non-business requirements being met?

Some of them include food, lodging, recognition, feedback, and information.

How do you validate that things were done correctly?

It is essential to build a system for validation in your process. This ensures work is checked and done correctly.

How do you know if you’ve created the right proposal?

One must define what a right proposal is, and work towards achieving it.  You must utilize the measure and validation systems for further improving your proposal processes

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