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How the APMP Board Betrayed Its Own Code of Ethics?

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Baskar Sundaram

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The APMP Code of Ethics is a set of principles that guide the behavior of APMP members. It is expected that APMP members will adhere to these principles at all times, in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of the proposal profession. However, it appears that the APMP International Board of Directors did not follow these principles in their handling of Baachu Scribble, an APMP Approved Training Organization (ATO).

One of the core principles of the APMP Code of Ethics is the requirement to comply with rules, government regulations, and laws in their respective countries, as well as other appropriate private and public regulatory agencies.” Yet, the APMP Board did not provide any evidence for the allegations against Baachu Scribble, and did not follow proper governance procedures in their handling of the case. This is a clear violation of this principle.

Another principle is the requirement to protect sensitive information and comply with legal requirements for the disclosure of information. Despite Baachu Scribble’s requests for an independent Professional Ethics Committee Hearing (PEC), the hearing that was eventually scheduled on November 21st was presided over by the APMP Executive Committee, rather than a panel of independent jurors. This lack of transparency and fairness in the process calls into question the clear violation of this principle.

The APMP Code of Ethics also requires members to avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose any circumstances that may influence their judgment and objectivity. However, it is clear that the APMP Board of Directors was biased in their decision to revoke Baachu Scribble’s ATO status, and did not provide equal treatment to Baachu Scribble. This bias is a clear violation of this principle and raises concerns about the possibility of bias or discrimination or collusion with other ATOs.

In addition, the APMP Code of Ethics requires members to represent the proposal profession with integrity in their relationships with employers, clients, colleagues, and the general public. However, the heavy-handed approach and the lack of transparency of the APMP Board of Directors has caused significant stress and financial loss to Baachu Scribble, as well as damage to their reputation. This lack of integrity is a violation of this principle.

The APMP Board did not protect sensitive information and failed to comply with legal requirements for the disclosure of information. Baachu was not given the opportunity to review or respond to the accusations against them before their ATO status was revoked. This lack of due process and disregard for Baachu’s rights as an ATO raises concerns about the APMP Board’s commitment to upholding the law and protecting sensitive information.

By revoking their status without warning or justification, the APMP Board has demonstrated a lack of transparency, integrity and accountability in their dealings with Baachu.

Overall, the actions of the APMP Board of Directors in their handling of the Baachu Scribble case have violated several key principles outlined in APMP Code of Ethics. Their actions were biased, discriminatory, and violated the principles of the Code of Ethics. By failing to follow their own rules and expectations, the APMP Board has undermined the integrity and credibility of the proposal profession as a whole. It is important for the APMP Board to lead by example and uphold the values and standards that they expect their members to follow. Only by holding themselves accountable to the same ethical standards that they expect of their members can the APMP Board restore trust and credibility in the proposal profession.

We call on the APMP community to stand with us in our quest for justice, and to hold the APMP Board of Directors accountable for their actions. Together, we can bring about positive change within the APMP community and ensure that such abuses of power do not occur again in the future.

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