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How to Get What You Want in any Negotiation

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The pressures of the modern world have made us more absent-minded and tensed. We are never able to relax or even pay full attention to our loved ones, friends or colleagues. The mind is constantly wandering, never focusing, always contemplating and planning for the next moment. So how can you truly be present and leave behind the worries and stress from work? 

Given below are some ways to be both present and productive in all spheres of life:

When you are most productive

Suppose you in your most productive mindset. You have been working so much or you are pumped up with energy and you are in the zone. The work is getting done and you even lose track of time. When you are in the zone, you should stay focused and not get distracted. This means, avoid calls or discussions that do not pertain to what you are working on. It’s even better to not contact other people because when you are in the productive zone, it will be difficult to focus on anything else. 

Schedule a time for your most productive time and set aside a different time for meetings and other discussions.

When you are multitasking

Handling different things at the same time is something we do daily. We try to tackle many things on our to-do list and keep moving from one task to another. This is the most common technique of productivity we follow but understand this is also the most draining. Since our mind is focused on so many things simultaneously, there are higher chances for mistakes or errors. Initially, we are filled with energy but towards the end of the day, we are so tired and dead beat. 

So don’t always multitask. Take a break in the middle and relax. Don’t immediately jump to work when you wake up. In fact, warm up your body and mind for a productive day at work. 

When you are socialising

Man is a social animal and though we enjoy socialising, most times than not, we feel tired, bored, uninterested or drained. Socialising is a great way to network, relax and form bonds. So how can you stay focused and present when you are meeting new people? Be curious. 

Yes, we all enjoy talking with people who share similar interests and hobbies. But we often feel discouraged or bored when we run out of topics to discuss. Being curious about others and asking about their interests, is a great way to bond and also learn something new.

When are with someone close

Close relationships take time and effort. Spending time with loved ones is a great way to bond, relax and being present shows responsibility and respect. But most of us carry work home or during these dire times, when we work from home, it makes it even more difficult to separate professional from our personal lives. 

Again, set aside a clear time for family and close friends. This is a joint endeavour that both parties must willingly agree to. Keep aside your phone and truly be with your loved ones. 

When you are relaxing

Relaxing does not mean sitting down and watching tv. It means taking time off to recharge and freshen up our mind and body. Have a ritual for yourself where you do something personal and relaxing like meditation, reading a book, going for a run both in the morning and evening. Just like a gadget that cannot run on a low battery, the human body will break down from low energy. Build a routine and make it a habit. Set aside time for these activities and you can even do these activities with your family or loved ones. 

Remember the power and value of a sincere apology. When you know you have made a mistake or hurt someone close to you, apologise sincerely and put in the effort to make it up to them. It is easy to redirect the blame and form excuses but it more valuable and meaningful to be honest and responsible. Following these tips require practice and determination. Each time you feel lost, identify what your dealing it and respond accordingly. 

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