How to Find the Right Balance?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Freelancing career is becoming more and more popular in the present era. The ability to work from home and being independent is drawing in more people into this new field. 

Given below are a few ways to carve a successful freelancing career: 

1. Find your area of expertise 

A single skill may not be taken seriously by companies hence do not limit yourself to one category, but do not try everything. List out a sensible skill set, explore new areas and find out what would be best suitable for your freelancing career to be built upon. 

2. Create a portfolio  

Ensure that your skill set is displayed in the best possible manner. Make your presence felt by using social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use other digital tools also like blogs, social media, e-commerce sites, etc. Make an impactful portfolio that will get noticed easily. Keep updating these platforms as your career grows. 

3. Use contracts 

Making use of contracts will ensure that both your client and you are on the same page. Have a general agreement with the clients about some basic yet essential terms like: 

  • The produced work is original and is not plagiarized. 
  • The client’s information will stay confidential. 
  • Your payment terms. 

4. Nail your clients 

Now that the foundation for your freelance career is set, you only need to find clients. Potential clients can be found using Google or any of the many social platforms. The farther you reach, the more likely you are to get work faster. Make sure that the work you offer can get clients. 

5. Focus on your business 

Focus on the identity of your brand and the type of projects you take. Pick one or two services to specialize in, and only accept work that falls into those categories. Turn down the rest. Once you have decided on your services be sure to translate that into your personal brand. 

6. Give emphasis on the present 

Do not get lost thinking about the future. Know where you want to be one day and do what is necessary to get there. Make a daily to-do list with small tasks that will help your freelancing career. Focus on your daily tasks and assignments. Take one step at a time to your long term goals. 

7. Be serious and confident 

Freelancing is almost like sole entrepreneurship. If you do not take your business seriously it will collapse. Take each client seriously. Be strong to face criticism and failure. Persist till you gain blind faith from your clients, and have a good reputation in the industry. 

Be determined and constantly work on improving your skill set. Be dedicated and passionate about your work. Once you have earned the trust and gained a good reputation in the industry, you have carved a successful freelancing career.  

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