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How to Beat Email Addiction?

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Baskar Sundaram

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Often we feel that even twenty-four hours are not enough to finish all the tasks at hand.  Given below are some changes you can introduce into your life to increase productivity, create an effective work routine, manage your time properly and also nurture your creativity along the way.

Effective Use of Morning Energy

We feel the most energetic and productive early in the morning and most of us waste this potential by checking emails and replying to things. Instead, reserve your energy for important personal and creative projects. If we focus on these projects later in the day we tend to feel fatigued and disheartened. 

Keep the later part of your day aside for less tedious tasks. Make sure you take adequate breaks in between work time. Take a short and quick break between 90-minute sessions. Sleep is also important. You need to make your schedule in such a way where you can get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

Work Daily and Frequently 

Working on a creative project requires inspiration and we feel that we need the right mood to work effectively. Change this mindset and work on your project regularly. Since you are working on it daily it is constantly on your mind and can come up with new ideas randomly. Inspiration might strike you in random situations. 

Working on things daily will reduce stress and lessen the workload. When the deadline nears, you can be sure that you finished at least most of the tasks.

Focus on Tasks and Avoid Distractions

We all know how difficult it is to focus on boring things. This is why we must all practise the skill of focusing and tuning out distractions. 

Start slowly by incorporating small routines into your life that will help you focus. It can be as mundane as flossing your teeth every night. Another way to focus our attention is to reward our good behaviour later on. An hour of working without distractions can be rewarded in a way you like. 

One Task at a Time

No matter how much we think we can multitask, we really cannot. Multitasking reduces our efficiency. Focus your entire attention on one task at a time. Set aside time regularly in your schedule for just focusing on the task at hand. You could even mark it up in your calendar so that your colleges and friends know that you are busy during that time.

Be Conscious 

We mindlessly check our phones or absentmindedly go through social media without any goal in mind. Once we start, we get carried away and before we know it an hour as gone by. Instead of cutting social media and internet out of your life, you can try using social media more consciously. Each time you pick your phone think about what you are doing and why. If it a valid reason, make sure you put your phone down once the task is complete. Being conscious of the decisions you make will help you reduce the time you spend online.

Also, be aware of your posture and the time you spend staring at a screen. Prolonged usage can have long-lasting effects on our health. Practice yoga and breathing exercises to maintain your physical and mental health.

Right Use of Technology

Remember that you use technology and technology does not use you. The availability and ease of technology in our lives have left us at the mercy of our smartphones and laptops. We carry our phones with us all the time and are expected to be available 24/7. 

Make sure to take a break from technology once in a while, especially any piece of tech that can be a cause of distraction. Put your phone on aeroplane mode or even put it away when working or sitting with family. 

Do Nothing and Start Immediately 

Take time once in a while to do nothing. Just sit still or take a walk and let your mind wander. Focus on your surroundings and your mind. Being aware of your thoughts will trigger creativity and inspiration.

Also, never wait around for a creative or an ideal mood to start on a project. Just start on the job at hand and eventually, your creative juices will start to flow. 

Another way to boost creativity is to start a new hobby. Focusing on different activities will lead to unexpected inspiration.

Keep all these things in mind when you want to make the most out of your day.

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