Navigating and Making the Most Out of Your Career in Today’s Economy

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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New job titles and opportunities are being generated daily. Even looking for a job is different in the modern world. There are options and choices available in apps, websites and social media. It becomes difficult to find your niche in a world filled with limitless options. 

Given below are some guidelines to help you navigate your career and making decisions:

Personal Values

Identifying your personal values and interests before applying for a job or a course is important. Everyone’s idea of personal happiness is different. What makes you feel satisfied and happy? Some want to create an impact, some want to travel while some like interacting with people. Base your career based on what you enjoy and not what you think you want. 

Strategic Research

Even if you know your area of interest, it can be difficult to find the exact job position and company you want to work for. You need to find a job that aligns with your personal value. Even you want to work in a creative environment you need to think if you want to work in an small or large organisation. 

Write down the roles you are considering and the values you want to incorporate. Research about reach role. Looked through LinkedIn profiles and even talk to the employees in the company. Narrow down your options and then apply for the job.

Personal Brand 

Building your personal brand is highly important in the modern workplace. You can ask your coworkers and employees about their experience working with you and what qualities they see in you. You can build your brand based on what they say. Another way to create a unique brand is to have a personal website that highlights various aspects of your work life. Think of it as your dating profile but for work.

Long Term Networking 

Lose the traditional idea of formal gathering and meeting. Focus on building long-lasting relationships. The goal should be to form relationships that will bring in more opportunities. Nurture a relationship because you will never know when it might pay off. 

Resume and Cover Letter

First impressions are important. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Arrange the information with reference to the job. Make your cover letter unique and interesting. You can start with an anecdote or something interesting. Make the people reading the resume remember you. 


Being offered a job is great but make sure you negotiate your terms and conditions before you sign the contract. This will help you save time in the future and will also reduce stress. Even if you cannot negotiate your pay you can ask for a change of title or a better one. Do your research on all the things that matter to you.

Personal Development 

Always work on yourself and develop new skills. This does not mean joining a night-time course. It means adding skills that will push your efficiency and productivity. Think of ways to boost your productivity

Navigating your career is always a perplexing task. But with research and undersdtanding you can push yourself forward. Identify your values and choose a job that suits you. Constantly work on yourself and strive to build long-lasting relationships. 

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