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How to Use AI to Get Ahead in Your Professional Career (With 15 Powerful Prompts)

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  1. Communicate more effectively by getting feedback

Review my message below. Make it as concise and clear as possible, and suggest ways to make it even more impactful and inspiring for my team.

[insert message]

  1. Foster greater accountability and attention to results

I want to drive greater accountability and create a results-focused culture in my team. As my leadership coach, please suggest a set of practical strategies to achieve this.

  1. Improve your decision-making

I want to improve my decision-making skills. Provide a 30-day learning plan that will help me make better, more informed decisions.

  1. Get actionable insights from leadership books

Share the most important leadership lessons and insights from the book [insert book] by [insert author]. For each insight, suggest an actionable way I can embody it.

  1. Receive mentorship from history’s greatest leaders

Assume you are [insert famous leader, e.g. Nelson Mandela]. Consider my situation below and give feedback as if you were [insert leader again].

  1. Enhance your problem-solving skills as a leader

Act as if you’re my leadership coach. Provide a step-by-step guide for resolving [insert a leadership challenge].

  1. Deliver constructive feedback

I would like to deliver constructive feedback to an individual regarding the below issue. Provide a structured way to deliver this feedback that demonstrates empathy while increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

  1. Take an 80/20 approach to leadership development

I want to become a better leader. Identify and share the most crucial 20% of leadership lessons that will enhance 80% of my leadership skills.

  1. Use stories and metaphors to powerfully communicate and inspire

I want to communicate the message below. Please suggest relatable stories and metaphors I can use to powerfully communicate the message and inspire my team.

[insert message]

  1. Evaluate your leadership knowledge

I’m learning about [insert topic, e.g. financial statements]. Ask me questions to test my understanding. Identify gaps in my knowledge and provide improved answers to fill those gaps.

  1. Build trust and rapport with your team

I want to build trust and rapport with my team. What are some specific things I can do to improve my relationships with my team members?

  1. Motivate and inspire your team

I want to motivate and inspire my team to achieve their best. What are some techniques I can use to get my team excited about their work?

  1. Delegate effectively

I want to delegate tasks effectively so that my team can achieve their goals. How can I ensure that my team members are properly equipped to handle the tasks I delegate to them?

  1. Create a positive and productive work environment

I want to create a positive and productive work environment where my team members feel valued and respected. What are some things I can do to create a more positive and productive work environment?

  1. Celebrate success and learn from failure

I want to create a culture of celebration and learning. How can I help my team members recognize their successes and learn from their failures?

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