How much Praise is too Much?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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One key to success is showing gratitude in the work environment. When a worker is performing well in their workplace, it is important to show that you’ve noticed with a congratulatory shout-out or a tap on the back. Studies have shown that showing gratitude in the workplace makes the worker feel important, gives them confidence with their work performance, and only encourages them to get better.

The Bigger is NOT always the Better

Overdoing how you show gratitude can lose its specialty. For instance, appraisals should not be given to workers for doing simple tasks or duties that is already expected to be done in their job. Appraisals should be given when workers have gone out of their way and have given a lot of effort into the task. When small accomplishments are tackled, a great way to acknowledge them is through email.

A personal touch means a LOT

When big accomplishments are achieved, the thanks would mean a lot more when it is done in person, and even maybe with a public recognition. In order to figure out who is doing an exceptional job in the workplace, regular meetings with discussions on achievements and improvements are an efficient way to do so.

It’s NOT always about the Money

Another way of showing appreciation is through money, but that can get a little tricky. Bonuses means that the workers would receive an unsteady compensation. It would result in the feeling of disappointment when they are not able to go above and beyond for the company and fail at attaining the bonus. Research shows that the odd bonuses offered does not truly improve performance within the workplace. Nonetheless, getting a raise in the job wage is better than surprise bonuses. An alternative way in showing gratitude is through parties and celebrations. Job events, such as holiday parties shows that companies care for their workers. It is vital to thank your workers with a speech at these type of functions and shower them with food.

To sum up, any type of genuine recognition can go a long way. Showing gratitude makes the person receiving it happy and allows them to enjoy their job.

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