What is the importance of innovation in the development of your business and career?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Innovation is simply doing or making something different to meet a perceived need or gap in the marketplace. Ideas are what stimulates innovation, and creativity and conceptualism make those ideas unique. Innovation is not merely doing something different for difference’s sake. Usually, innovation involves creative thinking that escapes from a common viewpoint. It can be difficult when you are customary to something, that you cannot see it in another way. 

To help you gather associates and brainstorm here are five tips.

Have A Vision For Change

You cannot demand your team to be innovative if they do not know the direction in which they are heading. Innovation needs a goal. It is up to the leader to set the path for this goal. You need a single statement which determines the direction for the business and which people will readily understand and remember. 

Explain to people how their role is essential in fulfilling the vision and meeting the challenges. It motivates people to become passionate about finding innovative routes to success.

Fight The Fear Of Change

Innovative leaders constantly preach the need for change. They replace the comfort of satisfaction with the hunger of ambition. They must paint a picture that presents an appealing future that is worth taking risks to accomplish. The prospect involves risks and opportunities. The only way we can get there is by embracing change.

Brake The Ice With Bad Ideas

At times people feel pressured by the presence of their bosses during a brainstorming session and this stops them from giving their ideas. Logically this fact is not favourable at all since you can lose the creativity of your team because of the shyness or fear of some team members.

To solve this situation, an effective method is to suggest they share bad ideas for a few minutes. You can begin this to break the ice by throwing out there an illogical and least favourable idea. This can be a warm-up session and when all the members have shared their bad ideas and laughed about them without fearing being exposed, they can concentrate better on formulating innovative ideas.

Welcome Failure

The innovative leader encourages a practice of experimentation. You must teach people that each failure is a step towards success. You need to give people the liberty to innovate, the liberty to experiment, the liberty to succeed. That means you must give them the liberty to fail too.

Be Passionate

Concentrate on the things that you want to change, the most important hurdles you will face and be passionate about overcoming them. Your enthusiasm and energy will translate into inspiration for your people. Filling your bus with contented, self-satisfied passengers is not enough. You need people who believe that reaching the goal is really worthwhile. If you need to motivate people to innovate, to improve the way they do things and to achieve amazing outcomes then you have to be passionate about what you believe in and you have to show that passion every time you speak.

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