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Key factor in customer buying

Baskar Sundaram
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While there are several factors that influence customer buying, research shows that “Sales Experience” is critical to get customers on the right side of your fence!

The sales field however has become more erratic and peppered with multiple influences and options, such as digitisation, which makes realising the value of rep experience become a lot harder. Steering decision makers through the complexities means sellers are required to express a deep subject understanding and possess the ability to quickly customise to each buyer.

Research has it that those who were quick to adapt to the needs of their teams and treated their sales teams like customers were organisations with the best growth.

With top sales leaders having a customer lens on their sales team, there are three important ways in which these leaders excel.

  1. They are methodical in concentrating on the intrinsics that truly matter.

Strong sales organisations require a mix of characteristics, which can differ depending on the situation. Sale leaders need to classify what attributes best align with the top sale performances. For example, an insurance company found individuals who were inherently more assertive and good at turning objections into opportunities. Contrastingly, a telecom company strongest performing reps were those capable at debating business issues, navigating internal resources and prioritizing leads.

  1. They identify the skills that matter and tailor their training accordingly.

Strong sales organisations customise the trainings to different sales roles and spend substantial time on development. Also, they are highly likely to spend more on technology and support for various sales-team members, leading to stronger abilities in all key skills.

  1. They make it easy for their people

The most effective businesses appreciate that lumbering customers with painful sales processes is the easiest way to lose them. Alternatively, they look to have a process with minimal disruptions and steps to get past in order to have the smoothest and easiest experience for their customer. In a similar fashion, the best sale leaders try to make things seamless for their reps, allowing them to sell more.

In summary, organisations that respect and value their sales force and ensure their environment is conducive and hassle free experience a significant increase in sales performance.

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