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What are the Key Terms that Every Successful Copy Includes?

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Baskar Sundaram

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“Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”

                                                 -Eugene Schwartz

A copy is a conglomeration of potent and mighty words. The words that you choose while writing a copy will have a great impact on the reception of the copy. There are a number of key words or phrases that can be used to craft a high-converting copy. These words serve different purposes like urging the reader to keep reading, assuring the readers that they are making the right decision and so on.


Using “You” as the subject of the sentence makes the copy stronger and more appealing. It need not necessarily be the first word, but it’s better when the copy is addressed to the reader. Put the customer before the company. Even if you use “I” or “We”, do it after you have said “you” a million times. Always keep in mind that people don’t really care about the “I”.

#2 “Still” + “Already”

The phrases still and already can be used together to indicate a situation where there is a lack of progress even after the reader already did what is necessary to achieve a particular goal. It is like assuring the reader that he/she has already taken the step but unfortunately, something is still missing which you can then point out. This is a form of empowering the readers and acknowledging their work.

#3 ”Should”

Instead of using “could”, it is always better to use “should” as it is more specific. “Could” can refer to a general possibility whereas “should” assures that whatever is being discussed particularly concerns with the reader. It is a form of ensuring justice.


#4 “Even if”

“Even if” is a phrase best suited for occasions where you need to present some benefits along with the possible objections to these benefits. You can start the sentence by mentioning the benefits and use “even if” as a link that connects the benefits with the objections.

#5 “Here’s the thing”

“Here’s the thing” is the phrase that urges the reader to keep moving. Using the phrase just before giving out some important information will make sure that the information gets registered in the minds of the readers properly. It enables the readers to take a pause and prepare themselves for the forthcoming blast of information.

#6 “The fact is”

While writing a copy, it is extremely important to build curiosity in the minds of the readers. Phrases like “the fact is” or “the truth is” generate expectations within the reader’s mind. It also ensures the reader that his/her decisions are completely logical and not emotional.

            Apart from these, it is possible to extract key words from the customer itself. By providing them a space to share their thoughts and concerns, you can interact with the customers. This, in turn, will help you identify that particular word which the customer uses the most. Thereby, you can create your own key term which reflects the customer’s needs. A successful copy is the one that puts the customer at the centre and seizes his/her attention until the very end.

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