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Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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The year is drawing to a close and for many of us, it is probably time for the dreaded performance review!

While it is a mildly stressful time for some, for some prone to anxiety, it will be a truly gruelling few weeks.

No one dreads it because they haven’t put in the effort, it is because they feel a lack of control over the situation. It brings in images of the naughty child in front of the head master, who feels attacked and tongue tied!

Imagine if there was a well-meaning friend with you during the review, highlighting your achievements, your sincerity, the results you’ve achieved and the external obstacles that impeded progress in your project?

Does that sound like a sweet dream? Well, introducing your “Bid Buddy” ( drumroll!! )

Several bid managers have found that the “Bid buddy” enabled them to present their efforts clearly during their annual review and they felt positive about the entire experience!

Baachu has come up with a very well structured work journal that enables bid managers to keep their clarity, focus and record project related information.

The work book is designed to be a valuable guide and organiser for the smart bid professional. It exudes fun without compromising on efficiency. The book also recommends an easy schedule that will enable the bid professional to easily keep his or her head above the choppy waters of the bidding environment.

We are proud to say that several bid professionals with young families have attributed an increase in quality family time to “Bid Buddy”.

“It enabled me to see how valuable my time was and spend it wisely” says Emma, bid manager and mother of two, Berkshire.

“The best part was being able to see that the little hiccups in the project end up eating a lot of time. It enabled me to stand my ground with concrete evidence during a performance review” says Anastasios , Bid lead, London.

The “Bid Buddy” is helping several bidding professionals across the world!

Make a smart move, grab your copy here.

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