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AI Updates

Picture this: A mounting pile of proposal PDFs on your desk, filled with tender requirements that you need to analyse and respond to. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could chat with your PDFs, dig for crucial insights, and even highlight the key phrases? Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right?


Welcome to the future with AI PDF Content Readers!


In a few simple clicks, these AI-powered tools can turn your proposal PDFs into a hub of interactive information. Queries about tender requirements? Ask the tool. Need to find specific details quickly? Let the AI do the legwork. E-signing, summarizing, commenting – it’s all there at your fingertips.


The possibilities are endless with tools such as Drop Chat, AskYourPDF, Chat Doc, Chat PDF, and Xmagic. Some are complex yet precise, like MathPIx, while others like Grain are a premium offering.


Of course, in the world of tenders and proposals, you need tools that guarantee data privacy, offer high accuracy, and function swiftly. You wouldn’t want to be limited by the number and size of PDFs either, right?


Naturally, navigating this AI PDF landscape might seem daunting. But that’s exactly why you need our RFP Shredding Workshop, part of our exclusive Bootcamp. In this intensive session, we’ll explore these tools in detail, showing you how they can revolutionize your proposal processes.


Exciting, right?


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Few AI Tools for the Week :

  1. Testportal : AI-Powered skills & knowledge assessment software, serving 2.5M+ business and educational users worldwide.
  2. ChatAible : ChatAible leverages a well-proven explainable AI to automatically ask questions, find key insights and summarize & double check the key insights.
  3. Introducing “AI Profile”! : It will Personalize your AI answers with your bio, language, location, you name it. With dynamically generated questions, Perplexity AI is aiming to make your AI experience truly tailored to you.  Dive in and experience Perplexity AI in a new personalized way.

Five need-to-know areas in Generative AI:

  1. About 75 percent of the value that generative AI use cases could deliver falls across four areas: Customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and R&D.
  2. Banking, high-tech, and life sciences are among the industries that could see the biggest impact as a percentage of their revenues from generative AI.
  3. Current generative AI and other technologies have the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time today.
  4. The pace of workforce transformation is likely to accelerate, given increases in the potential for technical automation.
  5. The era of generative AI is just beginning.

AI Regulation Update

A big step forward for the E.U. AI Act.
“The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved the E.U. AI Act, a sweeping package that aims to protect consumers from potentially dangerous applications of artificial intelligence. ““The bill takes aim at the recent boom in generative AI, creating new obligations for applications such as ChatGPT that make text or images, often with humanlike flair. Companies would have to label AI-generated content to prevent AI from being abused to spread falsehoods. The legislation requires firms to publish summaries of what copyrighted data is used to train their tools, addressing concerns from publishers that corporations are profiting off materials scraped from their websites.“We have made history today,” co-rapporteur Brandon Benifei, an Italian member of the European Parliament working on the AI Act, said in a news conference. Benifei said the lawmakers “set the way” for a dialogue with the rest of the world on building “responsible AI.” Know More

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