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AI Updates


Amazon enters Generative AI race

In contrast to Microsoft and Google, Amazon is taking a different approach by not competing to develop the next ChatGPT. Instead, it aims to create a centralized hub for the best “ChatGPT” models, leveraging its expertise as a marketplace.

According to Semafor, Amazon has already started offering access to numerous foundational models from Stability, Falcon, and Anthropic through its “SageMaker JumpStart” marketplace.

The selected top models will be made accessible within Bedrock, Amazon’s enterprise AI solution. Here’s what Amazon is offering to AWS’s extensive client base of over 100,000:

1.  Select and utilize the most superior AI models.

2.  Enhance and tailor them using your private data and intellectual property.

3.  Efficiently search through your data, receive assistance in decision-making, and automate problem-solving. Bedrock has garnered interest from various industries like finance, insurance, healthcare, and life sciences, which heavily rely on unstructured data, particularly text-based data.

What else  

·       Google Sheets AI is coming.

·       ChatGPT is headed to Harvard to teach computer science.

·       New model can recreate you in 3D using just a picture.

·       We love Midjourney’s new “zoom out” feature

·       The music industry is expecting AI songs en masse this year.

·       YouTube will use AI to dub videos in over 70 languages.

Enlightening Insights into AI Adoption: Understanding User Behaviour and Needs    

In an era of technological revolution, understanding how artificial intelligence (AI) is adopted and used by different demographics is key. According to a survey conducted by The Verge, based on 2,000 US adults, there are intriguing patterns to consider.    

About 67% of those surveyed are aware of AI’s potential but are yet to integrate AI-powered products into their lives. The torchbearers leading AI adoption are Generation Z and Millennials, indicating a trend for businesses to focus their AI products and services towards younger audiences. This is a clear call to action for those targeting older demographics: there’s a vast untapped market that needs careful nurturing.

Furthermore, the applications of AI are fascinating. While AI’s capabilities for managing emails, coding, and data analysis are vast, the users are primarily employing AI for creative tasks – crafting stories, creating music, and manipulating photos. This indicates that users are likely looking for AI tools that stimulate their creativity, offer entertainment, and provide user-friendly interfaces. Businesses should thus design and market their AI offerings to enhance creativity and user experience, thereby addressing the users’ pain points and fulfilling their desires.

The world of AI is vast and growing. By understanding the user demographics and applications, businesses can better tailor their strategies and offerings, delivering value that aligns with user needs. This increases the chances of successful AI adoption, benefiting both the users and the businesses in the AI sphere.    So, what does this all mean?

In essence, these findings underscore the ongoing shift in the adoption of AI, with younger generations at the forefront. The narrative here tells us that despite AI’s considerable potential to revolutionize professional tasks, its present use appears to be predominantly in creative domains.

This suggests an opportunity for organizations and individuals alike. There’s a largely untapped potential to integrate AI into professional workflows, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, it points to the necessity of encouraging AI adoption across all demographics, breaking down barriers of tech-literacy and addressing apprehensions about AI technology.

But most importantly, it indicates a call to action for those of us : to broaden our reach, educate the wider public about AI’s benefits, and simplify AI tools for better usability. Because once we do, the potential for growth and innovation is truly exponential.

The challenge then lies in making AI accessible and beneficial to everyone, not just the tech-savvy younger generations. By expanding awareness, reducing complexities, and highlighting practical, everyday applications of AI, we can foster a more inclusive AI landscape that empowers all users. 

And that’s exactly what we aim to do at Baachu. We believe in the power of AI to transform lives and industries, and we’re committed to making this technology accessible, easy to understand, and beneficial to all. We understand the diverse needs of our audience and work tirelessly to meet them with tailored, practical solutions.   

By expanding awareness, conducting inclusive training, simplifying complexities, and offering user-friendly AI tools, we’re fostering a more inclusive AI landscape that empowers everyone, regardless of age or technical proficiency. At Baachu, we’re not just on board with the AI revolution – we’re leading it.

Your understanding of AI adoption patterns doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.  

What Is Machine (Un)Learning?!

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, we constantly engage with AI models such as ChatGPT. These models absorb every piece of information we share with them, akin to a friend who always remembers every whispered secret. But what if these secrets are tainted with bias, or filled with sensitive information?

Just imagine, trying to make AI ‘unlearn’ such information is no less than attempting to convince our friend to forget our secret, perhaps even more challenging. Re-training an entire AI model doesn’t come cheap, and wiping data off a database doesn’t solve the problem either. The AI, with its impeccable memory, could potentially infer the erased data.

In the midst of this puzzle, Google has thrown a fascinating challenge into the mix. They’ve introduced the world’s first ‘Machine Unlearning Challenge’, a bold step towards finding ways for AI to unlearn.

Privacy remains a major concern, especially for businesses dealing with delicate data. Therefore, Google’s initiative matters a great deal. We, too, are eager to witness the innovative solutions that emerge from this challenge. We invite you, our readers, to join us in this exploration, as we tread new paths in the ever-evolving landscape of AI. 

AI Tools for the Week

·       Tamara – AI-powered app that helps users improve the quality and professionalism of their text-based communications, including messages, emails, and social media posts.

·       The CEO of Deepmind has announced the development of an AI model that will rival ChatGPT.

·       Gan.ai ( Personalized videos at scale | Gan.ai  ) can send a consumer a personalized copy of a sales pitch that seems like it was specially recorded for them (with their name, location, purchasing context, etc). And when consumers feel special, they engage on a whole new level: 10x increase in engagement, 5x increase in video completion rate, and 3x increase in conversions.

·       Adobe has implemented measures to safeguard enterprise customers against third-party intellectual property complaints related to Firefly-generated artwork.

·       YouTube is currently testing an AI-powered tool that automatically translates videos into different languages.  

·       Holler uses AI to analyze customer survey responses.

·       Airfocus AI Assist helps product managers be more productive using AI.

·       Turn long-form content into social media posts using Wanda.

·       Puzzicle turns videos into student lessons.

·       AWS Docs GPT serves as a search and chat engine specifically designed for AWS documentation.   

·       Hour One enables the transformation of text, slides, and prompts into professional videos, complete with templates and assets.

AI Masterclass Recordings now available


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