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What is the purpose of lessons learned analysis and management?

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Lessons learned analysis is a structured process for identifying and documenting the lessons that have been learned from a project. The purpose of this analysis is to identify ways to improve the team’s strategies and processes so that future projects can be executed more effectively. This process typically includes conducting debriefings with both the customer and the team, in order to identify both positive and negative experiences. The lessons learned analysis can be an invaluable tool for improving the success rate of future projects.

Here’s how you get started:

Start with an Internal Review

The internal lessons learned review should address the ways in which opportunity planning and proposal development processes can be improved. It is important to have this scheduled immediately after your close of an effort so that any questions or issues with success may surface before submitting bids, but it’s even better if you do these sessions beforehand. The major points which need addressing include:

How effective were our opportunities? Did we get senior managers involved at appropriate times/points throughout the process – did they provide input into elements such as risk assessment decisions on timing/timeline reliability areas? How clear did we make things for competitors?

Conduct these sessions in a positive and encouraging manner. It’s important to document the session in a structured manner so that there are no misunderstandings about what was said or done during this time together. If you are looking for someone who can lead these reviews then an Opportunity Manager would likely work best since they have experience managing projects successfully while also understanding how employees feel within their working environment as well.

Focus on External Reviews

Companies should conduct customer-focused lessons learned review to determine how well they understand the perspective of their customers and convert that assessment into final proposals. Conduct the face-to-face or phone debriefings or even use a questionnaire using these tips:

  1. Use customer feedback as an input
  2. Don’t defend adverse comments/feedback
  3. Analyse every piece of information given by them
  4. Thank customers for their time and input
  5. Use the information and conduct an internal review to make further plans

Follow Structure

Lessons learned sessions should be conducted and followed up on a structured approach. Invitations for the session include an advance document that participants can complete in preparation. Senior managers must regularly review lessons-learned improvement recommendations with assigned action plans to track progress made after each meeting or assignment.

If you’re looking to identify the areas in which your company excels and those that need improvement, then a lessons learned review session is just what it takes. This type of meeting allows team members who were involved with submitting bids on different projects or opportunities during an earlier time period come together again so they can share their thoughts about how things changed from one project phase into another as well discuss any unique challenges faced along the way.

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